Sngpl Cba Agreement

SUI NORTHERN GAS PIPELINES LTD. Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, Lahore. OPPORTUNITY MANAGING DIRECTOR Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (the iooking company for a highly qualified, dynamic and experienced professional to lead the company as CEO. The candidate should have demonstrated the ability to lead powerful teams in a large organization. The candidate should be a distinguished professional with known integrity and competence and have a degree in engineering or professional management from universities recognized/accredited by hec or members of a professional accounting and finance institution. The ideal candidate should gradually be in the 50-60 age group with at least 20 years of experience (post-qualification) in prestigious organizations in leadership positions. The successful candidate will be offered a three-year contract with a competing salary and other benefits and benefits corresponding to qualification and experience in the field. Applicants who meet the above conditions must submit their detailed CV, with a passport-sized photo, by October 28, 2015, at COMPANY SECRETARY Sul Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Gas House, 21-Kashmir Road, Lahore Email: SUI NORTHERN GAS PIPELINES LTD. Gas House, 21Eashmir Road, Lahore. / NTS SNGPL REQUIRES SECURITY PROFESSIONALS S. Northern Gas Pipelines Limited is a leading public provider ` the country that uses the most advanced technologies in its operation and its professionals strive to contribute to national development day and night. In the event of a full and final payment of this debt, it is agreed that from the date of the signing of the agreement, it will be treated childishly (in the case of a real mother) by workers who have been appointed against quotas of children passed by workers, in accordance with the company`s rule.

All other conditions of this facility remain unchanged. It is agreed between the management of SSGC and C.B.A.A. that in the event of a dispute over the interpretation of a word/phrase in this agreement, the language of the agreement is considered definitive in English.

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