Lta Agreement Template

An LTA is a reciprocal agreement between UNDP and the individual to provide the required services at the required prices and conditions for 36 months. UNDP reserves the right to be absent from the contract during this period if the advisor`s benefit does not meet the requirements. Scroll down to select and select the standard text of these framework agreements for goods or services. Payments are made after a final interview report is submitted, as well as acceptance and confirmation of the results provided by the HR analyst at the recruitment office. The advisor receives a fee in relation to the interview, indicated in the contract, if the total number of candidates is limited to four. If an interview report contains more than 4 candidates, the additional payments are evaluated on a pro-rata basis alone. For example, for an interview that has 5 candidates, where the agreed fee is 100 $US, the advisor is paid 125 $US. UNDP Personal History Form (P11) required by all applicants: There is no mandatory format for this report, the candidate should ensure that the report covers the context (in short as title), the questions asked and the answers provided.

The purpose of the report is not to be a transcript of the interview, but a concise and concise summary. Incomplete proposals cannot be considered. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted and only successful candidates will be informed. All RECRUITMENT and selection processes within UNDP are defined by five principles: competition, fairness, professional rigour and objectivity, transparency and accountability. Under an LTA, UNDP does not guarantee the acquisition of a large number of services for the duration of the agreement. When an application for benefits is filed, UNDP assigns the advisor immediately after the person`s short-term availability and/or on the basis of time zones. The Report Writer interview should support UNDP offices, which serve the following functions: The partnership with the United Parcel Services Foundation (UPS) has helped UNICEF reach millions of children with life-saving help. Payments are made after verification of the completion of benefits and approval by the LTA manager within 10 business days of the presentation of the maintenance report. If applicable, travel or daily allowances (if the work is to be done outside the consultant`s department) should be determined separately by the LTA manager. Technical evaluation criteria (maximum 100 points) Only candidates who receive at least 70 points (or 70% of the total technical points) are taken into account for the financial evaluation. Recruitment of staff is the main human resources management activity.

Each recruitment process and decision-making process represents a significant investment in organizational resources, long-term responsibility and direct reflection on the organization`s reputation. Each appointment has an impact on office performance and defines UNDP`s credibility with stakeholders. In this global context, UNDP is working to reach a long-term agreement (LTA) with several people to serve as Interview Report Writers. Skills-based interviews are one of the ways UNDP evaluates candidates to fill vacancies across UNDP. This procedure aims to ensure a competitive selection procedure for rotation positions, by establishing uniform selection procedures throughout the organisation.

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