Letter Of Agreement Mcgill

If any of the above documents were to expire during the academic year, you will only be registered until that expiry date, until a new document is submitted. New documents must be mcgill.ca by e-mail to post-secretcords [at]. Academic units should make a timely renewal letter available to newly appointed international post-docs, as the letter is requested by immigration authorities to renew the work permit. It is the responsibility of the post-docs to renew the work permit by citizenship and immigration Canada. It is recommended that renewal applications with supporting documents be filed with immigration authorities at least 30 to 60 days before the expiry of the current work permit. Supporting documents include the letter extending the postdoctoral date and proof of a valid passport. CANCELLATIONS: If a post-doctrinal record cancels or ends before the original end date, it is necessary to notify post-draft records [at] mcgill.ca (Management of Academic Records, Services) in writing. 5. A copy of the letter of offer/invitation from the department/academic unit. This is the first letter received by the department or submitted to the Embassy of Canada in support of your work permit application. A complete registration file must be composed of the following six documents and e-mailed to post-draft addresses [on] mcgill.ca (paper requests are not accepted): Before registering, make sure that you are aware of the responsibilities of the post-doc, superiors and departments or academic units described in the terms and conditions of your contract letter. These conditions include the policy of absence, appointment and compensation.

Post-doc supervisory authorities should be aware of the guiding principles and best practices that are relevant to post-docs advice. Supervisory authorities must work with their position and the postdoctoral candidate to develop the terms of the post-docctoral order through the letter of offer/agreement. Once all parties accept the letter of contract, post-docnal cases must be submitted to a letter of appointment with the terms of the agreement. The contract letter is required for registration and payment. It must be sent with the registration documents to the post-credit files [at] mcgill.ca (Management of Academic Records Unit). Once your status has been updated/your registration has been processed, you will receive email notifications from Management of Academic Records, Enrolment Services, and you will be able to view your registration (letter of agreement) and authorization data on your unofficial transcript at Minerva by watching Student Menu->Student Records Menu->View Your Inofficial Transcript. Complete post-doctoral registration packages must be sent electronically to student files [at] mcgill.ca (Sub-project: New%20Postdoc%20Fellow%20Registration) (Management of Academic Enrolment Records), Processing Services.

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