Jetstar Airways Pilot Agreement

Lutton said, “Negotiations with the company in good faith have not brought the pilots anywhere.” The new company agreement negotiated throughout the year by the airline and the union will set out the pay and employment conditions for the roughly 800 pilots who work at Jetstar. Jetstar captains currently earn between 206,700 and 219,390 $US per year. The first agents earn between 125,050 and 158,910 USD per year. These figures exclude discretionary bonuses. The proposed trade union actions range from general work to a work stoppage of up to 24 hours and the application of the rules (refusal to work outside working hours). A Jetstar spokesman said simple flying that any labour dispute action would be imposed by Jetstar pilots who are AFAP members, and found that most Jetstar pilots are. Tigerair and its pilots signed a new company agreement in June. Qantas has conducted lengthy negotiations with the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) for a new corporate employment agreement (EBA10) for long-distance pilots. In such a statement issued on January 22, January 1, it was said: “We work for Christmas, weekends, all night, and now they are asking us to take a flight that is illegal right now, with serious safety issues, and instead they just want to acquiesce and ennoble the pilots.” She warned: “Qantas pilots in cockpits around the world are today and in the coming weeks hijacked by Tino`s email and the threat to their jobs.” Gareth Evans, CEO of Jetstar Group, said the airline would do everything in its power to protect customers` travel plans, but they could face delays and cancelled flights if it came to industrial action. He said the airline had offered the pilots a 3 percent wage increase, in agreement with other groups of workers, but that they were aiming for a 15 percent wage increase in the first year. “The union`s demands would put considerable pressure on the low fares our customers rely on and force us to review our investments in new aircraft, technologies and targets,” Evans said in a statement. Jetstar management reportedly offered a 3% annual salary increase to Jetstar pilots.

But AFAP wants an agreement where the cost of pilots would increase by 15%. This is more than the airline will accept. Wage growth in Australia is weak, as is inflation (only 1.7% over the 12 months ended September 30, 2019). Non-stop flights would not only mean that pilots would spend longer hours in the air, which would increase fatigue and even longer periods of absence from home. They would also suffer a significant loss of wages. Jetstar offers employees a discretionary employee travel benefit after six months of waiting. The unions, which cover Jetstar`s staff, have, however, reduced all resistance to short-term work stoppages. They work to prevent any connection with the combat of Qantas pilots. The unions are aware of the resurgence of workers` struggles at the international level, often outside the control of the unions.


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