I Made An Agreement With My Eyes

30. Mouth – literally “palace”, desire – literally, “to demand his (the soul of my enemy)”, that is, “to live by a curse”. This verse confirms in parentheses Job 31:30. Job in the patriarchal age of promise, before the law, realizes the evangelical spirit that was the end of the law (cf. Leviticus 19:18, Deuteronomy 23:6, with Matthew 5:43 Matthew 5:44). Apodose to employment 31:13 Job 31:16 Job 31:17 Job 31:19 Job 31:20 Job 31:21. If I had committed these crimes, I would have had to misuse my influence (“my arm,” depicted, Job 31:21): so, if I did them, I would have (literally) made my arm suffer. Job alludes to the accusation of Eliphaz (Job 22,9). The first “arm” is rather the shoulder. The second arm is the forearm. bone – literally “a reed”; so the arm, above the elbow. .

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