House Rental Agreement In Philippines

Hello, good morning. We have a property in Las Pinas, rented by an Ernesto Macasaet Jr, and we chased our tenant out after almost a year of non-payment of rent despite several agreements. We also sent them a letter of formal notice to pay the rent while they were still living on our property. Since my family and I have returned to our hometown of Mindanao, we think it is wiser to leave the accommodation because they are not willing to pay. We know they can afford to pay the rent because they have a very successful restaurant business. I talked to them before I evacuated them and gave them a month, which, as Mr Macasaet said, was enough time to move. I asked that they reimburse the rent, which was close to 80,000.00, but I said he couldn`t afford it because he also needed money for him and his family to move. I agreed because they were tenants as long as they were and they were good payers. We signed an agreement that before living the house, they would pay the water and electricity bill, leave the key to my aunt, who was her neighbor, and leave their new address. It was also stipulated in our written agreement that they would give us a reward of 20,000.00 and that the rest will be paid for a period of 10 months for 21 or 22 of the month. We received the 20,000.00, but after that, they didn`t pay us as agreed.

They also cannot be contacted and have not left a redirect address. They also took our salad kit and left the house like a pigsty. What actions can we take against Mr. Ernesto Macasaet Jr.? It`s been more than a year since they left our property. Hello, I want to ask for our rights as a tenant because the administrator of the unit we rent is harassing us. We rent a stand for our company and our contract started in 2010. The signing of the contract is the daughter of the owner of the property. In 2011, his parents died. Now the other siblings have asked us to sign another contract with other rental conditions and prices, which the other owners of the stand ignored and did not accept.

So they simply asked them to continue with their old contract and deposit the rent into another bank account that all (the landlord`s children) agreed. Now, our landlord (signatory of our contract) has not raised any problems with the new rent payment system. But the new admin wants to introduce a new advance and deposit rule for our stand. Just our stand. Our initial contract says 1 month in advance + 1 month deposit plus the monthly rent. Now she wants to do it 2 months adv + 2 mos deposit plus monthly rent. As she said, there will be a new contract and they would check it, we agreed to deposit it at the bank. Today, after three months of waiting for the new treaty for consideration, no “new” treaty has yet been presented to us. And we learned that our only business is to add additional adv and dep. Our old contract also said that we cannot sublet and they also the property. But the owner of our contract allowed a new establishment to work in the parking lot when she asked us for permission, because it is a family.

Now that their parents are dead, the owner of the unit in the parking lot has signed a new contract with the new administrator, but with the same conditions….

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