Gentlemen`s Agreement Ride

Since 1989, Japanese automakers have all approved – at least on paper – a kind of gentlemen`s agreement that limited their advertised horses to 276 on domestically manufactured vehicles. Their main objective was to avoid a PS war in a country where the maximum speed is 62 mph. But in October, Honda officially broke the agreement on its legend (Acura RL in the United States) by unveiling the 300 hp V-6 of 300 hp and 3.5 liters of the model. At present, there is a tendency for a gentlemen`s agreement: while, as far as possible, the classification of points is still in progress, the general classification is not in dispute; That`s why it`s not uncommon for the de facto winner of the general classification to travel to Paris with a glass of Notable_stages-Notable_stages Early Tour have designed routes as exhausting as possible to make the race a spectacle. In fact, one of the founders of the race, Henri Desgrange, said: “The ideal Tour would be a Tour where only one rider has survived the agony.” Before the riders set off on the road for each stage, the Tour de France caravan passes. With about 250 vehicles, the caravan is a mobile one-hour show with music, dancers and all kinds of hoopla. Advertisers also pass on promotional items such as hats, pens and water bottles to those lining the streets. IMO, this speech about a gentlemen`s agreement, is a myth. The reason GC teams don`t attack at the last stage is not because of the agreement, but because it`s almost impossible.

Imagine Froome entering the final stage only 10 seconds ahead of Porte (or anyone). Of course, BMC would like to attack, but they also know it wouldn`t work. In 2014, Kawasaki announced: that the upcoming H2R ninja will have a non-road version of 296 hp (221 kW) that will have no speed limiter and will reach 340 km/h in the test, but Kawasaki did not indicate whether they planned to limit the version of the road, which has about 200 hp (150 kW), to meet the gentlemen`s Agreement. [17] MV Agusta announced its 2007 F4 R 312 as capable of 312 km/h (194 mph), hence the “312” in the name “because MV sees no reason to respect the manufacturer`s agreement … Politics is doomed: MV is Italian and Italians have a national imperative to get their wheels done as quickly as possible,” says motoring journalist Roland Brown. [11] [12] The Italian magazine Motociclismo claimed: 310.99 km/h during the test of the F4 R 312, more or less confirmed the alleged speed and, if not more, the speeds tested in 1999 suzuki Hayabusa of 188-194 mph (303-312 km/h), while Rid Sporter was able to reach a maximum speed of 185.4 mph (298.4 km/h), meaning it would take “a significant power surge to fill the 8 mph deficit”. [14] Although he covered 3200 kilometers over 21 days, American Greg LeMond separated just eight seconds behind Frenchman Laurent Fignon in the next goal, in 1989.

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