Family Disagreements How To Deal

After all, don`t leave one stone on top of the other if you end the family conflict. If everyone has agreed on a common solution, make sure that everyone respects this agreement and understands everything about it. Going back to the teenager and the compensation scenario, perhaps everyone agrees that the allowance should only be reduced and not completely removed. But.. If family conflicts are so frequent, it is because of the emotional bonds we have with our family members. We love our families and we will do everything for them. Although we love it, we don`t always love it. Our emotional connections nourish our reactions to the judgments and contributions of our families, making us uncontrollable, disrespectful and ignored. When this happens, our emotions guide our decisions and cause us to act hurtfully and impulsively. It is important to remember that our feelings are valid all the time.

But what we do with our feelings may not be. It is unlikely that you will never have a conflict with your family members. However, we are so afraid of confrontations that we avoid them and generate more tension. Confrontation is not necessarily bad, because it helps people understand each other and strengthen ties. As you say, the key is. It might even be good for you to write it all down on a piece of paper hanging in the fridge. If there is a physical representation of the agreement, it is more likely that it will be followed by all those involved in the family conflict. While family relationships can bring support, joy, and other wonderful benefits into our lives, these relationships can also lead to stress, especially when there are unresolved conflicts.

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