Earth Day Paris Agreement

But when heads of state and high-ranking diplomats gathered at the UN on Friday and signed the document, the next step in the long bureaucratic process that could allow the agreement to enter into force later this year, scientists and policymakers say the deal leaves many questions unanswered. In particular, how will the world actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the point of meeting the agreement`s goal of keeping global temperature increase below 2°C (3.6°F) by 2100? The date of entry into force of the agreement will determine how quickly international diplomacy mechanisms begin to ensure elements of implementation of the agreement, such as transparent reporting of emissions. The Paris Agreement calls on countries to reduce total emissions and meet targets that would keep warming below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. The United States had committed to reducing emissions by 26 to 28 percent by 2025. Reductions would be achieved through efforts such as the Clean Power Plan, higher fuel consumption standards, methane capture rules and the adoption by States of regional greenhouse gas initiatives. The United States and China, which together account for nearly 40 percent of global emissions, said they intended to formally join the deal this year, AP reported. The two nations signed the document on Friday. Article 5: REDD+ Article 5 contains only two paragraphs, but these paragraphs concern at least a dozen decisions and elements of other agreements, and the whole history of this exceptional document is there if you know you have to look for it. This is partly due to the fact that heads of state and government from around 160 nations – including some fifty heads of government – are meeting at the UN headquarters in New York to sign the historic Paris climate agreement, adopted in Paris four months ago. This agreement will enter into force as soon as 55 of them place their names on the pointed lines (provided they represent 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions). This blog is the fifth in our series and focuses on the Paris Climate Agreement – an agreement that has been attacked by the current government, but contains the key to international mobilization for climate action. The meeting comes just two weeks after the world`s largest listed coal company, Peabody Energy, which was also the 50th coal company to file for bankruptcy since 2013, a disadvantage that the We Mean Business Coalition says will translate into a $13.5 trillion chance if countries implement the Paris Agreement.

In other words, each country implementing the agreement contributes an average of $100 billion to the pot. However, the lack of a clearly defined long-term path is not a coincidence.. . . .

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