Cucamonga (1962 – 1964)

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Released: February 1998


  1. Dear Jeepers
  2. World’s Greatest Sinner
  3. How’s Your Bird
  4. Everytime I See You
  5. Cradle Rock
  6. Slow Bird
  7. Blind Man’s Buff
  8. Mr. Clean
  9. Jesse Lee
  10. Cathy My Angel
  11. ‘Til September
  12. Heavies
  13. The Cruncher
  14. Letter From Jeepers
  15. Memories of El Monte

Frank Zappa (guitar, bass, drums), Bob Guy (vocals), Dave Aerni, Paul Buff (recording engineer), Ray Collins (vocals), Ronnie Williams (vocals)

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One Response to “Cucamonga (1962 – 1964)”

  1. Alex says:

    Great stuff, don’t expect anything complex or mind-boggling here.

    Expect to laugh, maybe. Some of it is good, fun 60’s music.

    Historically important – pick it up.