Baby Snakes (DVD)

December 1979/October 1987 – DVD released 1999


  1. Baby Snakes Rehearsal
  2. “This Is The Show They Never See”
  3. Baby Snakes
  4. Bruce Bickford/ “Disco Outfreakage”
  5. The Poodle Lecture
  6. “She Said”/City Of Tiny Lites
  7. New York’s Finest Crazy Person
  8. “The Way The Air Smells…”
  9. Pound – Bass & Kybds Solo
  10. “In You” Rap/Dedication
  11. Managua/ Police Car/ Drum Solo
  12. Disco Boy
  13. “Give People Somewhere To Xscape Thru”
  14. King Kong/Roy’s Halloween Gas Mask
  15. Bobby Brown Goes Down
  16. Conehead/”All You Need To Know”
  17. I’m So Cute/”Entertainment All The Way
  18. Titties ‘N Beer/”Audience Participation”/The Black Page #2 & “The Dance Contest”
  19. Jones Crusher
  20. Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
  21. Punky’s Whips
  22. “Thank You”/ Dinah-Moe Humm
  23. Camarillo Brillo/Muffin Man
  24. San Ber’dino
  25. Black Napkins
  26. New York’s Finest #2 & Credits
  27. “Good Night”

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3 Responses to “Baby Snakes (DVD)”

  1. jim says:

    Me: Hey, kid, here, put THIS in your PlayStation2 – heh heh heh – I wanna see if it’ll cry.
    Kid: (runs away screaming)
    Me: Goddamn little rug-chimp!

    Wowabunga Dude! If I’d known this would include an actual pair of all-cardboard NO-D GLASSES, made in, er, uhh, a room somewhere, I’d’ve definitely scarfed it up earlier.
    The “Department Of Entertainment Security” tweak-prelude is hella sweet also: every viewing will leave me wonderin’ what the Secret Password is!

    A mighty ferocious offering – more than 2 & 1/2 hours – of which a LOT is live Zappaphonics, including big sizzling heaps of utterly surreal claymation via the weird mind & hands of Bruce Bickford.

    The band is not prone to the jam/improv predilections of the early-70s; whether that’s a plus is purely subjective – I can pout or rejoice or both, being a Freaque & all that cal. The mutations of “Gas Mask” & “San Ber’dino” are among the most satisfying to my own Central Optionalizer. There’s also enough offstage mugging & banter to quench the sick twisted needs of a marginalia-fetishist, well, more or less.

    Anyone that saw 200 MOTELS & thought it was a hunk of steaming goat-smegma due to the nature of its alleged “plot” can relax – it’s just a concert DVD – no, really! Trust me!

    FZ was indeed whipping it out more than a mite hot here. Ya just don’t fully grok what an awesome motherfucker he was on guitar until ya see him rather casually shaking paws with the oh-so-friendly, oh-so-maniacal front row NYC Crazy People … (D’huh?!! Didn’t Bino just about get CAPPED by a psycho fan at a gig some time earlier? I call that Cojones Grande!) … DURING HIS SOLO.

    I have a feeling we’re not in Milli-Vanilli-Ville any more, Toto!

  2. Jamez says:

    Awesome movie! My favourite part is ‘Black Page#2′ with some of the audience dancing around the stage and ‘King Kong’.

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