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Participation in the tender. Sometimes a foreign bidder must have a local party with him when he enters into a public contract in the country. The agreement may contain a clause to deal with this participation, although the details should in any event be clarified. This may induce the representative to receive a share of the contract if the offer is successful 1.4 The parties undertake not to enter into agreements or to assume any obligations of any kind that could prevent compliance with the provisions of this shareholders` agreement. 17.3 The shareholder contract is binding on the contracting parties during the period during which the parties hold shares in the company and, if applicable, for certain provisions beyond that period. 3.2 The General Assembly can only make decisions if the cumulative actions are xx% (“quorum requirement”). If the college is not completed at a general meeting, a new general assembly with the same agenda must be convened within two weeks. The quorum requirement does not apply to the new general meeting. The NEW General Assembly convenes the Board of Directors of the COMPAGNIE. Limited partnerships have unlimited liability partners and partners. As a general rule, only partners with unlimited liability are entitled to represent the company. Silent partners can represent the company with a power of attorney. A silent partner is not entitled to obtain claims or subpoenas on behalf of the company.

The granting of the obtaining is not subject to the agreement of a silent partner. A general manager of the limited partnership has a power similar to that of the general manager of the entire company. This agreement defines the entire agreement between the customer and the supplier on its property. None of the terms of this contract are changed, with the exception of the written signature of both parties. PandaTip: This special commercial contract allows the participation of several projects in work declarations negotiated under this agreement. 16.2 Disputes between the parties, owners and/or the company regarding the shareholder contract or other agreements between the contracting parties, the owners and/or the company are settled through mutual negotiations. In many countries, a foreign company wishing to do business must have a local agent or partner. This clause relates to the client`s ability to prove that he has a local representative to make a qualified offer. The representative has the right to refuse to appoint the agent, but if the terms cannot be agreed, the client is free to appoint someone else. 1.2 Between the contracting parties, the shareholder contract takes precedence over the law, the company`s statutes, the possible internal regulations of the board of directors, possible management instructions and other prior agreements between the parties concerning the matters governed by the shareholder contract. PandaTip: This is a somewhat simple restriction of the liability clause that relates to indirect and non-direct damages.

Many agreements have clauses that also limit direct liability. Talk to your lawyer. 9.1.3 If neither party makes an offer, one of the parties may request the liquidation of the business. In the event of a disagreement between the liquidator and the liquidator is appointed by the legal auditor of the company`s accounts. The Company and the Agent want to enter into an agreement under which the agent will market and sell the product on the terms and conditions. This clause gives the agent the right to be considered for the role of local representative if the client decides to form in the territory but does not require the client to appoint the representative.

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