21 Days Of Breakthrough Prayer The Power Of Agreement

If I click for the 21-day prayer guide, there is no answer. Accompany Jim and Cathy Maxim and Daniel Henderson for twenty-one days of intercession, and see how different things can be when believers go together to God to live a time of intimacy and intercession that will forever change the way we pray, think and act, with regard to the gift of prayer. Thank you Jesus for the breakthroughs received in your presence, my Father will receive your words, your words of prophets of wisdom came at the right time, when I need you most, I believe that I believe that the breakthroughs and miracles after me will come in the name of Jesus. May jamie that our mighty God protect you, take care of you, your ministry and your family. God is using you to speak directly to me. Thank you for the prophecy of breakthroughs on my life. I will return with a testimony in the name of Jesus. The following prayer playlist is to be used next to the book 21 Days of Breakthrough Prayer. Our hope is that it will be a powerful tool to change your prayer life and lead you to God`s daily presence. Praise God, it will be powerful! Name of Jesus! Thank you Jamie. I`m so happy and so excited about this series. I can feel my breakthrough. Thank you Jamie….

I need this breakthrough……. Thanks for sharing….. I agree and I believe, and I get my breakthrough immediately after these 21 days of prayer in agreement with you….. a lot of gratitude……. Bless your way It is a great treasure of God`s love and care. Thank you Jamie for your prayers. Wait and believe in a breakthrough with my family before the end of 2018. ?????? Read the devotion for the day, then listen to the corresponding prayers on this page. I thank Jaime, I too rejoice in my breakthrough, I thank God in advance, because his promises are always yes and Amen! This word is POWERFUL AND ACCURATE! The anointing of this word immediately led me to prayer. Monsignor! Monsignor! Thank you Jamie for always giving us these words of encouragement. I believe I will have my breakthrough for the year 5779 in the name of Jesus.

God bless you. Glory to the Supreme God!!!! 💃💃💃💃”Yes, I prayed this prayer with the expectation of the breakthrough after the breakthrough, with miracles, wonders, signs and miracles that manifest themselves in my life and all those who participate in this fast and prayer in the name of Jesus, Amen -Amen. The prayer of agreement is one of the most powerful gifts that God has foreseen for victory in our Christian life. He promised us that he would react to this concentrated prayer period, if we seek his face together. Without your prophetic words, I would be lost! Walking through a difficult season and reading your contributions has made a world of difference that God has used with force in my life and my family! Thank you and thank God! Are there things in your personal life, in the lives of your loved ones or in your ecclesial life that need to change urgently for the better? Have you wanted a real spiritual advance in the difficult situations you face? Have you ever thought that God is waiting for his people to call him in common prayer? Thank you, Lord in the name of Jesus, for praying for a breakthrough in my career, and now I believe it is coming, even though I have not seen anything yet.

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