Zappa’s original PMRC Letters

Before, during and after the PMRC hearings on music and censorship, Zappa sent out a number of letters to various instances as a package or kit to give guidance and background information etc to anyone who wanted to support FZ's anti-PMRC position on a local level (phone your representative, help get this stopped). The text of FZ's statement to Congress and the "It's Not Over Yet, Folks" were then sent out at a later date obviously after the hearings.

Here now are scans from those letters, warts 'n all.

  1. Dear Friend
  2. Dear Person
  3. PMRC Letter
  4. PMRC Attachment
  5. Reagan Letter (1)
  6. Reagan Letter (2)
  7. Reagan Letter (3)
  8. Reagan Letter (4)
  9. FZ Statement to Congress (1)
  10. FZ Statement to Congress (2)
  11. FZ Statement to Congress (3)
  12. FZ Statement to Congress (4)
  13. FZ Statement to Congress (5)
  14. Senate Committee
  15. Cashbox Editorial
  16. It's Not Over Yet, Folks (1)
  17. It's Not Over Yet, Folks (2)
  18. Envelope
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