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Eat That Question 2010

Up there George Duke Eats that question with the ZPZ – some more Echidnas and Inca Roads are to be found. And speaking of questions… (more…)

Q&A: Scott Thunes

Above Mr Thunes talks about his audition at the Zappa at the Roundhouse event. Below: still him on a) Ike Willis, b) Valley Girl, c) Solitude. Mr Thunes is a Great Guy.

For the hardcore fans: the whole Q&A in 11 parts (!), with Gail, Dweezil, Scott Thunes, Joe Travers, Todd Yvega, Ali N Askin.

Zappa At The RondHose

Zappa At The Roundhouse

Zappa @ The Roundhouse, now with added Barfie Speak!
Image posted for archival purposes (click for bigger version). Previously ›

Update Nov 8: An extensive review of this event is now available here!

FZ’s Them or Us – Rereleased, 2010/12/1

In 1984 Frank Zappa self-published Them or Us, created with a dot matrix printer. A new facsimile edition – published by Pinter & Martin Ltd of the United Kingdom (which means they can only ship this book to the UK & Commonwealth; everyone else should check and Barfko-Swill after the rerelease date of December 1st, 2010) – brings this seminal work on conceptual continuity to a new generation of fans. (more…)

Berklee Interviews Gail

You know something? I was going to write a massive post related to this interview with Gail (mailed to me by many), but to be honest: I figured life is too short as it is. I’ll leave you with a couple of choice quotes though.

Who IS The REAL Frank Zappa, Anyway?

Sometimes I am quite delighted to discover a fan-made Frank Zappa video like the one posted above. It reinforces my belief that the future of FZ’s public image is in the right hands: creative, open-minded, technology embracing hands. This is how I always envisioned Zappa’s legacy being spread.

Sieg Zappanale!

Remember a certain lawsuit issued by a certain dead rockstar‘s widow against a certain fan-organized tribute festival? As it turns out, said widow just lost the appeal. Robert who mailed in the story, says:

Sorry, currently only available in german. But the message is simple: GZ had appealed against the negative decision from some time ago, this appeal has now been denied, which completes the lawsuit in favor of Zappanale.

From my understanding, the Zappanale festival even retains the right to use FZ’s trademark imperial in its promotional material.

The Next Zappa Release: Joe’s Menage a Trois

Shore Fire, the PR firm that has the ZFT as one of its clients states it quite clearly:

June 11
Zappa Records releases Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Menage a Trois’

The new release is also mentioned in this Variety article.

(Hat tip: Maroual)

Update June 12 2010: No mention of a release anywhere. KUR-reader Rob wrote to Shore Fire yesterday, and got this rather odd answer:

Hi there,
Lauretta at Shore Fire here. Will you please let me know where you received info on a Frank Zappa release?

You’d think the people at Shore Fire at least read their own press releases…

A Job Well Done, MusicToday

So there I am attempting to pre-order Philly ’76 and this is what I get:

MusicToday Fail

Click image for full glorious Epic Fail View!
Undaunted however, I am about to undertake pre-order attempt #5…

Dweezil Zappa: A Son of (a Mother of) Invention

Another big thing for next year is another DVD, our Roxy concert that we did 35 years to the date that Frank last played at the Roxy. We’re also working hard to complete Frank’s Roxy film, so hopefully both of those can get released by the end of 2010.

In an interview including also some other news: a new ZPZ CD, some other musical experimentations, Dweezil’s guitars, and the What the Hell Was I Thinking project – with a downloadable part from Zomby Woof’s solo.