Kinda Young, Kinda Dead…

In doing my thesis research (which will include a chapter on You Are What You Is), I stumbled across the discussion of “Charlie’s Enormous Mouth” over at the website, which had this comment:

Fuck ME. I remember the Charlie fragrance commercials, but I don’t remember kinda young kinda wow. I was real young so I dont doubt it.
I always suspected that Charlie’s Enormous Mouth was a riff on the “Charlie” fragrance because “Charlie” referred to a woman name in both cases. (For the non-English speaking, Charlie is usually a nickname for Charles, a mans name, and rarely used for Charlene or any other female variant).

In this day and age of vintage commercials being posted on YouTube for nostalgic purposes, I was able to find a 1973 ad for the Charlie fragrance…

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I find FZ’s work to be endlessly rewarding to the astute listener.

24 Responses to “Kinda Young, Kinda Dead…”

  1. Devoid says:

    Amazing! (one wonder what else lurks in the servers?)

  2. Dark Clothes says:

    Wonderful – the Seventies distilled to 31 seconds! (With CC clues!)

  3. slime.o says:

    nuthin but the best for my dog …

  4. Dark Clothes says:

    If you wonder why the Eighties was a fucked-up decade compared to the Seventies, take a look at his ugly little sucker:

  5. Tjodolf says:

    She did have a large mouth with very white teeth she must have been brushing quite a lot. So that’s her, then. I don’t know if she used cocaine and had a dead brain, but that goes with the lifestyle celebrated in this commercial. A conceptual continuity find, and it didn’t even take forty years.

  6. jonnybutter2 says: