Too Big to Fail – new album from FiDOplaysZAPPA

The new Fido Plays Zappa album called Too Big to Fail is coming soon – itt will be acoustic!

FiDOplaysZAPPA – Black Napkins by mistergreen

Check out their homepage for more! (found at United Mutations)

3 Responses to “Too Big to Fail – new album from FiDOplaysZAPPA”

  1. jonnybutter2 says:

    Nice job on these tracks.

    However…I don’t want to be the turd in a punchbowl, but: watch the intonation on those brass instruments boys! I know trumpets tend to play sharp, but the trombone is sharp too. Hurts the old ears, and messes with your good performances…

  2. potatoheadbobby says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to buy it.

  3. Dave (not the one from Fido plays Zappa) says:

    absolut fantastic. just got my copy today from Dave (the vocals off Fido plays Zappa) and i have to say, they done a fantastic job. Thanks to Fido plays Zappa that they keep frank’s music alive in my homecity basel/switzerland

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