RIP The Captain

Captain Beefheart, dead at 69.

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  1. urbangraffito says:

    It’s a sad day, Barry, but not entirely unexpected. Because of Don Van Vliet, there will always be some Beef in my heart…

  2. jonnybutter2 says:

    oh man. *

  3. Cotti says:

    Sad night.

    Sad, sad night.

  4. Theydon Bois says:

    Gutted. Absolutely gutted.

  5. mtiberio says:

    Sad. He was unique

  6. Dark Clothes says:

    That’s one true original less in this world. I’m honoured to have been a fan, and happy for the work that he left. I wish he could have seen Bat Chain Puller. But I guess that was less important to him at this stage. Rest in peace.

  7. Michael L Malm says:

    December seems to be a pretty bad month in music,RIP Captain.

  8. exile says:

    O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done;

    damn it

  9. Chuck says:

    Died on my birthday too.

    Very, very sad news. Time for a Beefheart week.

  10. robin says:

    Thanks Dan, for your deviation from the norm. Say hello to Frank.

  11. Magic Fingers says:

    Damn and blast. I bought my first Beefheart album back in 1970 when I was thirteen (Strictly Personal) and he’s been with me ever since. Damn and blast.

  12. Bertanya says:

    So that’s what doing ur thing is. Inimitable…..

  13. radio boy says:

    It’s a sad thing that Don died, but for a person with multiple sclerosis it can be a liberation. Let’s hope the Captain is now Absolutely Free.

  14. fronobulax says:

    The stars are matter, we are matter, but it doesn’t matter.

  15. Bob says:

    It seemed like there were more than the usual aging structural issues making me feel like crap this morning. Now I know. Loss. RIP.

  16. urbangraffito says:

    [quote comment=”19102″]It’s a sad thing that Don died, but for a person with multiple sclerosis it can be a liberation. Let’s hope the Captain is now Absolutely Free.[/quote]

    I know exactly what you mean, radio boy. I lost two cousins (Karen and Bob, brother and sister) to complications of multiple sclerosis. It’s a terrible thing to watch people you care for, once so healthy and full of verve, robbed piecemeal of their vitality, and eventually, their lives. So, when I heard Don had MS, I knew exactly what was in store for him as I’d seen the awful toll that MS takes. Still, I’d much prefer to remember the iconoclast who drew pictures of FZ as the devil during the Bongo Fury tour. What balls! What heart!

  17. ABOOK says:

    iam sure he is some where in the universe crusing, in my imagination i see him with zappa on the sofa flying and visiting peoples minds.

  18. Hugh says:

    The man is gone but thankfully his art lives on!
    RIP Don Van Vliet 🙁

  19. vince says:

    Peter Christopherson, Blake Edwards, and Don….
    it DOES come in threes!

  20. tim says:

    woe is a me bop

  21. Christopher Atwood says:

    I just heard about his death (on Facebook, of all places). I didn’t see it in the news anywhere…
    I saw one show of the Bongo Fury tour (New Haven CT Coliseum, absolutely wretched acoustics). I remember Beefheart sitting on his heels, playing the harmonica. Before I had even heard the Bongo Fury album, people in my high school were going around quoting “Sam with the Showing Scalp Flat Top” (I thought they knew some really weird poetry…)
    After repeated listenings of all his music, I think that “Doc At The Radar Station” is the best; “Trout Mask Replica” still weirds me out.

  22. Jamez says:

    RIP Don Van Vliet. A very sad day.. I wish more people knew about the great man.

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