Sore TappaZ Plays Zappa – Amsterdam Blue Note, June 2010

Based in Leverkusen, Amsterdam – band leader and vocalist Christopher Klassen‘s home town – Sore TappaZ plays Klassen‘s original compositions as well as and the music of Frank Zappa.

In June 2010, Klassen finished his studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with the Master of Music Degree. During his Master Research he wrote a Method for improvised vocal arrangements for Jazz standards (a method to have a Jam-session with singers without any instrumental accompaniment).

Klassen continues to compose, write arrangements and play in various projects such as the Christopher Klassen Quartet, a Classical and Jazz Music Croossover, the Pop Cover Band “GSI”, Kicks and Sticks (Landes Jugend Jazz Orchester Hessen), the Big Band “Blowshop”, Vocal Band Project, and of course, Sore TappaZ.

The clip, above, of “Spider of Destiny” as well as the unique covers of Frank Zappa’s “Easy Meat”, “Montana”, and “Penis Dimension” (below) performed at the Amsterdam Blue Note on June 9th, 2010, bring an interestingly unusual combination of vocal and jazz elements to these classic Zappa songs.

Sore TappaZ is:

Christopher Klassen – Vocals
Jos Zwaanenburg – Flute and Live Electronics 

Benni Von Gutzeit – Viola 

Tine Grgurevic – Keys 

Laurent Warnier – Percussion
Martin Hiltawski – Bass

Igor Plzak – Drums

15 Responses to “Sore TappaZ Plays Zappa – Amsterdam Blue Note, June 2010”

  1. Dark Clothes says:

    I’m one of those mothers who actually enjoy Thana Harris’ vocals on Sleep Dirt, but the vocal rendition here I think is downright awful. Do I have to tell you why I think so? Well, it’s that misplaced bogus pomp in the voice, combined with terrible diction and poor phrasing.

    The instrumental backing is heavyhanded also. In my view, this is not a a good cover version, and perhaps an example to illustrate Thinman’s thesis that even correct notes can sound wrong.

  2. Dark Clothes says:

    Please note that the above comment was directed at the version of Spider of Destiny, not necessarily the other tracks.

  3. Balint says:

    Yes – it’s interesting to see that while the vocalist is the boss (Master of Music Degree?…), he seems to be the weakest in the band… FZ tunes really need strong voices – this is not one.

  4. Plooker says:

    Yeah, I love the rhythmic aspect of Franks vocals, you have to sing them like playing a drum. I think that is kind of missing, I still like it though.

  5. jonnybutter says: