Lumpy Gravy – Unreleased Photos

Found on the Commodore Crush Blog:

Well, it’s about time I share these photos with everyone. I luckily found these at a yard sale in San Diego a few years ago. I bought about 10 different Frank Zappa photos, 8 of which were the original photographer’s proofs that still had red crayon circled approvals on several of the shots in the roll. I scanned them in at 600dpi (if I remember correctly) so you could still get an amazing closeup of each frame. Original cost was about 5 bucks and then bills needed to be paid and sold on eBay for $900… I think.

I believe these studio shots may be from around the time Lumpy Gravy was released. If you look closely, you can see he’s wearing the Pipco shirt underneath his cardigan. I’ll put put a new hi-res photo up every day for the next 8 days ending with the alternate versions of the Lumpy Gravy cover. As far as I know, these have never been released. Enjoy!

The parts so far: 1 | 2| 3| 4 | 5

15 Responses to “Lumpy Gravy – Unreleased Photos”

  1. jonnybutter says:

    Oh, to have been a fly on the wall at these sessions…

  2. Sharleena says:

    Very interesting pics!!

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Great find, Balint!

  4. Hugo says:

    Any idea where I can download the picture to actually have a look at them instead of using this *ù&ç flash viewer?

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Fantastic artifact, Barry! I can understand why these contact sheets only cost $5 at a yard sale, though – possessing the negatives, he didn’t think the contact sheets were of any worth or interest. Makes me think, though, of the cover of Imaginary Diseases, which obviously came from a contact sheet.

  6. gooey miles says:

    need a seeing eye dog to check them out!

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says: