Polygon Head Plays The Black Page #1

So, you’re interested in learning to play The Black Page #1 on guitar? Check out this video from Polygon Head, angrily shake your fist at the guitar gods, and go back to your Neil Young Harvest songbook (that’s what I did):

Hat tip: Joe Williamson

11 Responses to “Polygon Head Plays The Black Page #1”

  1. metafunj says:

    I guess he beat me to it. 😉 I’ll have to learn the Bebop tango, kung fu, manx needs women or some other impossible piece now.

  2. Robert says:

    Amazing! Check out his thumb & index finger. He’s able to move those quicker than the rest of his right hand, just as if he has some sort of alien implemented in there doing all the little quick notes for him.

  3. ken duvall says:

    Really good – I still struggle with the Black Page #2….
    I will now slow it to half-speed on my reel to reel to determine the
    accuracy of the really fast bar….

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    [quote comment=”12547″]I will now slow it to half-speed on my reel to reel to determine the accuracy of the really fast bar….[/quote]
    Yeah, it gets crazy right around the 1:20 mark, doesn’t it. I *think* i could pull off everything before that given enough time, but after that it’s Terra Incognita as far as this amateur is concerned! 😉

  5. metafunj says:

    It makes me wonder if Frank really knew how it was supposed to sound. I remember an interview where Terry Bozzio said how he and maybe patrick O’hearn had worked out a lose version and then Ruth came in to do the Xmas show and tightened up the rhythms that weren’t quite right.

    From the sound of the interview it didn’t sound like Frank was involved in this ratcheting up.

  6. ken duvall says:

    I listened to Z Plays Z doing the B.P.#2, and slowed it down, and checked out the really fast bar, and Steve Vai screwed it up quite a bit… Dweezil played it almost completely right, but he held one note
    a hair too long !

  7. urbangraffito says:


  8. Sol Rosenburg says:


  9. metafunj says:

    The advantage polygonhead has over Vai and Dweezil is that he didn’t have to post every take on youtube. Live performances don’t allow that convenience.

    Here is another cool version. This guitarist plays with Matts and Morgan, Mattias Ia Eklundh

    I think it is version #2


  10. ken duvall says:

    Wow – That version by Mattias is quite cool !
    Thanks for the link.

  11. Sterbus says:

    I heard Ossi Duri live in Roma do the same thing, live, unplugged, only guitar and drums… it was beautiful…

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