Bongo Fury – Shock Theatre, 1978

In the three short years since Zappa’s 1975 release of his mostly live album with Captain Beefheart and the Mothers at Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas on May 20th through 21st, 1975, it’s affect upon popular culture is astounding…

…Beware, Bongo Fury! Mwwwahhhhhahahaha!

9 Responses to “Bongo Fury – Shock Theatre, 1978”

  1. Harry Barris says:

    Nothing wrong with a little Cheepnis; but this is just plain dumb (all over).
    The B-horror-movie main feature(?) had to be better!

  2. urbangraffito says:

    Too obtuse?

  3. Harry Barris says:

    Nah, too stoooopid!

  4. metafunj says:

    Is it any worse than the Uncle Meat movie? I have it but have only watched it once and that was a test of my patience and devotion to everything Zappa.

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Too stupid? Get thee to the nearest viewing of 200 Motels, I say:

    Any Zappa freak can pick up on the visual and theatrical allusions and allegories to FZ and The Mothers in these myriad tongue-in-cheek Shock Theatre homages to FZ.

  6. Harry Barris says:

    Must be the low-budget and amateurish acting that put me off the Shock Theatre skit. In that regard, it does have something in common with 200 Motels!!

  7. Birdman! says:

    OK, Urbangraffito, I know you didn’t have a hand in creating this, but it is so stupid and ugly that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I saw it. What kind of culture could accept this as entertainment? We’ve got to get a handle on this kind of thing before we go on breeding and letting impressionable young people see this kind of thing. Is anyone else depressed and angered by this video?

  8. urbangraffito says:

    What kind of culture could accept this as entertainment, you ask, Birdman? The very same culture that brought us endless re-runs of Gilligan’s Island, or Tom Baker’s Doctor Who marathons on late Saturday night public TV. It’s the incredible late 70s “cheeze” factor at work. Remember Mr. Bill? Pet Rocks? Mood Rings? Bell bottom pants? Feathered hair? Platform shoes? And that ultimate in cultural stupidity and ugliness…Disco? If not for Frank Zappa and his highly irreverent, sardonic views of culture, and his music, “impressionable young people” like us would have wound up joining the KISS ARMY, or Lord forbid, joined the worldwide ABBA fanclub (perish the thought).


  9. Alex says:

    Well, for whatever it’s worth, I liked it.

    Reminded me of Ernie Kovacs.

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