Zappa in Yugoslavia

Great article from The Tenessean Showcase, 1975 about FZ’s visit to Zagreb and Ljubljana. The story of the 3 shows behind the Iron Curtain – via: FZ in Hungary.

4 Responses to “Zappa in Yugoslavia”

  1. Dark Clothes says:

    “Bongo” – a new album by Zappa and Beefheart 🙂

  2. Dark Clothes says:

    An interesting adventure in Yugoslavia, promoting “Bongo” – a new album by Zappa and Beefheart, according to the journalist 🙂

  3. Dark Clothes says:

    Sorry I published twice – too bad there’s no way to delete failed posts here… Then again, it’s a way of avoiding personal revisionism…

  4. Jake St. Vitus says:

    Great…now I need to find a copy of “Bongo” ! And I thought I had a complete collection. Very interesting article, the presence of “wealth focus”, the time period and audience analysis. Nice piece of nostalgia for the old folks.

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