LA Phil Plays Zappa

Concert details to be found here. Some more information over at EarBox, written by the conductor. Gotta love the introductory paragraph:

OK, all you Zappa heads out there in the audience. I can recognize you a mile away because of all the midriff bulge, the surfeit of facial hair and that “show me” scowl on your faces. I just hope you’ve not already been served for illegally making your own unlicensed “Burnt Weeny Sandwich” tee shirts.


(Hat tip: David Ocker)

Boston Music Hall, 1976 (Early Show)

If you are still teetering on the fence wondering whether or not to pre-order Philly ’76 (Spectrum Theater, Philadelphia, PA, 29 October 1976) featuring Frank Zappa, Terry Bozzio, Ray White, Patrick O’Hearn, Eddie Jobson and Bianca Thornton, here are five excellent reasons to do so plucked from their Boston Music Hall performance on 24 October 1976 (Early Show):

Dirty Love
[audio:20091127_Dirty Love.mp3]

Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station
[audio:20091127_Wind Up Workin’ In A Gas Station.mp3]

The Torture Never Stops
[audio:20091127_The Torture Never Stops.mp3]

You Didn’t Try To Call Me
[audio:20091127_You Didn’t Try To Call Me.mp3]

Black Napkins
[audio:20091127_Black Napkins.mp3]

New Frank Zappa Release: Philly ’76

Zappa: Philly 76

Here’s the email announcement, and here’s the pre-order page.

The internet largely agrees this 2 Disc release is the Spectrum Theater in Philadelphia show from 29 October 1976. The band: FZ, Bozzio, Ray White, Patrick O’Hearn, Eddie Jobson and Bianca Thornton.
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RDNZL – The Truth

I honestly like those tiny little (previously unknown) factoids that time after time see the light of day and reveal something we did not know before. Here’s something I know you all were wondering about (just like I did), and this is one more reason why one should follow the ZPZ reviews:

Dweezil proved an easygoing frontman, (…) explaining song titles like “RDNZL,” pronounced Redunzel a contraction of redundant and Repunzel.

Finally. There were several guesses before, and the New Knowledge is already on the site Information Is Not Knowledge as well.

Wild Love — New York & Elsewhere, 77/78

Over 18 minutes worth of solos in the above audience recording of the October 29th, 1977, New York City performance of “Wild Love” followed by a February 15th, 1978, audio of the same from Berlin, Germany.

To me, these clips prove why Frank Zappa’s solos are so sublime, and why, no matter how tribute bands and individual musicians might try, there was just one FZ, and when he picked up his guitar, something incredibly special happened.

Dweezil Zappa: A Son of (a Mother of) Invention

Another big thing for next year is another DVD, our Roxy concert that we did 35 years to the date that Frank last played at the Roxy. We’re also working hard to complete Frank’s Roxy film, so hopefully both of those can get released by the end of 2010.

In an interview including also some other news: a new ZPZ CD, some other musical experimentations, Dweezil’s guitars, and the What the Hell Was I Thinking project – with a downloadable part from Zomby Woof’s solo.