Musicians Play FZ – Part II

Alas, I’ve saved the best for last. “Musicians Play FZ – Part II“, a compilation of FZ songs performed by various musicians, from Sting to The Persuasions and many in between (plucked from my own collection). Enjoy this mix for the next two weeks, at which time the “Son of Tweezer Glint” series will resume.

Click here to listen to the mixtape.

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8 Responses to “Musicians Play FZ – Part II”

  1. Roland says:

    Does anybody remember Stars on 45 ?

    Stars on 45 was a Dutch novelty pop act that was briefly very popular in the UK, throughout Europe, and in the U.S. in the early 1980s. The group later shortened its name to Stars On in the U.S., while in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand they were known as Starsound. The band, which consisted solely of studio session musicians under the direction of Jaap Eggermont, formerly of Golden Earring, popularized the medley, by recreating hit songs as faithfully as possible and stringing them together, with a common tempo and relentless underlying drum track. The point was to provide a danceable disco record which used familiar tunes.

    I wonder if they will release a mash of FZ songs and tunes in the future.

  2. brett says:

    Hey, I was at that Cincinnati concert of Keneally. Were you there Urban? I do remember “Inca Roads” as a highlight. Thanks for posting!

  3. jonnybutter says:

    Love these mixtapes, UG. Thanks.

    I hadn’t heard the Omnibus Wind Ensemble before. They are really excellent!

  4. Grimpoteuthis says:

    sting fan guilty as charged. loved hearing that.

  5. metafunj says:

    Never heard the Grandmothers before but the guitar player is amazing. Sometimes it feels like Frank playing.

  6. hipbone says:

    Good Mix – thanks!
    There’s also Phish’s version of ‘Peaches’ in case anyone is interested…


    BTW – saw ZPZ play at The Greek Theater last night w/Dream Theater…there was a big jam with guest Steve Vai, Dweezil, Vaultmeister, and dream theater. so. many. notes but so AWESOME

  7. hipbone says:

    During ZPZ’s set last night Mike Portnoy gave major props to FZ before playing drums and singing ‘broken hearts are for assholes’, then he played drums on ‘Peaches’.

  8. urbangraffito says:

    [quote comment=”7265″]Never heard the Grandmothers before but the guitar player is amazing. Sometimes it feels like Frank playing.[/quote]

    The fellow you are speaking of, metafunj, is none other than Sandro Oliva (the Italian of the group). For more info on Sandro:

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