Zappa MTV Tribute, 1993

MTV News At Night (MTV ENGLAND) interviews Jimmy Carl Black and biographer MIchael Gray in this 9 minute, December, 1993 overview of Frank Zappa‘s life, works, and attitudes.

In true MTV spirit, what we get is a very thin documentary which barely functions as such (only sound bites, here and there), and hardly a tribute at all. One can easily understand Zappa’s disdain for the music channel. It’s unfortunate that Zappa didn’t live to see the advent of the internet, weblogs, internet and satellite radio (which certainly brought Zappa in from the media wilderness, so to speak, that MTV had very much relegated his music to largely).

5 Responses to “Zappa MTV Tribute, 1993”

  1. SOFA - Philostopher/Chef says:

    Thanks, Barry…
    This one did 2 nice things for me: I got to hear JCB say something nice about FZ for once; and I was able to shed the “Frank was a shitty Dad” picture painted by Moon (in the article of a few weeks ago) by watching him with Diva at the end.

  2. tombo says:

    I like the record companies -> balls -> beartrap picture. Who-hey! And the balls are still in there.

  3. Sharleena says:

    Which one is the concert that is at 3:43? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before…

  4. Grafitti On The Wall says:

    As a parent the last minute is one of those special moments.

  5. Federico Diaz says:

    that looks like the albuquerque concert where JCB sang harder than you husband, look it up on youtube

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