I’d Love to Be a Hippy — North Mississippi Allstars

Founded in 1996, the North Mississippi Allstars is a southern rock/jam band from Hernando, Mississippi, composed of brothers Luther Dickinson (guitar, vocals) and Cody Dickinson (drums, keyboards, electric washboard) and Chris Chew (electric bass guitar). Their song, “I’d Love to Be a Hippy” is from their sixth studio album, Hernando. In the above clip, the song is performed live “in studio” of WBBB (better known as 96rock, a radio station out of Raleigh, North Carolina).

Incredible how little time it took for a band to mythologize hippies. Perhaps this was what Frank was ultimately getting at when he composed “We’re Turning Again”?

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4 thoughts on “I’d Love to Be a Hippy — North Mississippi Allstars”

  1. [quote comment=”6357″]Fatso![/quote]

    Chris Chew may be obese, but he has a hell of a voice!

  2. Some non-Americans might be surprised at the extent to which hippies have been mythologized here in the States, and have been for many years. In fact, that was sort of Zappa’s original point in ‘Money’ about ‘phony hippies’ and ‘flower power sucks’: to the extent it was ever something real, hippiedom was co-opted almost instantly, and was barely a sincere phenomenon at all by 1968 or so.

    Lots of younger kids here in the States want to be hippies now, and affect that style – raggedy blue jeans, long hair, pot, peace signs, etc. It’s funny.

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