In France – and more (from ’82)

In France:

Mystery Song #4:


All the tunes above from a rehearsal in 1982 (04 06). I had to make a few cuts, because of the tape stops and restarts and laughters. But I hope it cannot be noticed (too much). šŸ™‚ Enjoy! (infos about the Mystery Song #4 here!)

Author: Balint


5 thoughts on “In France – and more (from ’82)”

  1. Moaner Zappa going abroad from the U.S. finds out, that different cultures have different habits, even when they are filthy sometimes. He should have travelled for pleasure some more, instead being on tour all the time. šŸ˜‰

    This song always reminds me of this: Being on holiday in France I was sitting in our car in Avranches (Normandy) with a friend, waiting to get into a bakery, which hadnĀ“t open yet. Then there is a mother and her little son, who pretty obviously needed to have a little urination, but there was no toilet near. So she adviced him to pee at the front tire of the car we were sitting in. They didnĀ“t see us. The boy started to water the tire and my friend used the signal-horn. “…” The boy froze, his face in panic of the purest form ever seen. He abruptly stopped his pee. And the mother was not amused.

    Just for the record: I didnĀ“t honk! I still hope for this little bugger he didnĀ“t become a politician, a policeman, a Jesuit monk or a RockĀ“nĀ“Roll guitar player.

    … and they piss in the street …

  2. Mystery Song #4 sounds like it would have fitted in well on the Them Or Us album – has that sort of feel to it. Also, the main tune reminds me of the outro vocals on Catholic Girls – la,la,la,bum-deyya!!

  3. That version of “In France” has a definite beefheartian rhythmic feel to me. Way cool!

  4. The vamp from this version of “In France” will eventually become “Frogs With Dirty Little Lips.” You can sing “frogs” right over it.

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