Friday Mix: Tweezer Glint – Part Three

Welcome to the third KUR mix of four, presented on four consecutive Fridays in May, entitled “Friday Mix: Tweezer Glint (Studio-ized Concert Versions) Part III“. As with the two prior Tweezer Glint mixes, this week’s mix is full of tracks from various FZ live concerts before they were edited into albums of his official catalogue.

Click here to listen to the mixtape. Enjoy.

The Fourth and last part of “Tweezer Glint” will be posted next Friday, May 29th.

3 Responses to “Friday Mix: Tweezer Glint – Part Three”

  1. Matt says:

    Frank shouldn’t have edited Murder By Numbers. I love when Sting and Ike trade vocals.

  2. Sterbus says:

    I did’nt knew that “Little rubber girl” was actually the coda to “Go cry on somebody else’s shoulder” !

  3. Roland says:

    Now listen how tight “Zomby Woof” is performed in Milan ´82! “Zoot Allures” in Osaka as blueprint for the album is interesting. By the way: “Black Napkins” – which is not included here – from the same Osaka concert, which can be heard on “The Eyes Of Osaka”, is another opportunity to listen to an unaltered version of a song, which goes along totally different on the album! And what surprised me: the “Them Or Us” solo (from the album of the same name) was part of “The Black Page” in Milan.

    Tweezer Glint is a great concept and should become a regular release with versions, where the interested listener gets the most surprising differences before / after. Urbangraffito, why don´t you pass the idea to Laurel Canyon? I mean it!

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