Whatever Happened To Dale Bozzio?

We know she’s always been a wild one, however lately things have gone rather awry:

Prompted by calls from concerned neighbors, a police officer entered Bozzio’s home on October 12, 2008. […] Inside the home, the officer found “feces in every corner of the residence,” but no food or water. “I located a cat leg bone on the floor in the kitchen, the flesh of which appeared to have been consumed by the other cats,” documented the officer. “I took as many pictures as possible before I was forced out of the residence by the overwhelming odor from inside.”

A sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 21.

4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Dale Bozzio?”

  1. Quick! Book that reunion show for Missing Persons. We got a Cat Killer and a Gay Porn Producing, 911 Troofer/No-Planer C-Theorist in the band. That ought to go over big time.

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