Ray White Leaves Zappa Plays Zappa

… and not a lot of ink was spilled over it either, apparently — Dweezil Z:

He doesn’t answer any of his phones and they all say they are disconnected. Is he suddenly in the witness protection program? What has happened? We decide to look at our e-mails. I had one in my in box from Ray.

Ready for the hilarious punchline? Ray quit via e-mail with no advance “romance” notice whatsoever.

The band will be performing as 6 piece band – “until we find a few musical compatriots that will complement our line up“. The days of Zappa alumni joining ZPZ on stage are gone, or so it seems.

62 Responses to “Ray White Leaves Zappa Plays Zappa”

  1. LRonHoover says:

    i bet a hundred bucks ray had a good reason.

  2. Jamez says:

    Didn’t Ray suddenly vanish from the ’88 tour rehearsals too? What’s the story behind the ‘mysterious phone call’ back then, and what are his reasons for quitting ZPZ now? Anybody know?

  3. evaristo says: