Lost KBOO Airtapes – Frank Zappa Interview

From the vaults of the popular psychedelic show ‘The Radio Lab’ which later became ‘Cryptic Propensity Projections’ and ‘Midnight Collage’ on KBOO FM, Portland, Oregon from 1971-1985, Michael Christopher, Harry Mishkin and Bill Reinhardt talk to Frank Zappa after his performance at the Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon. In the first clip, Frank discusses Germans, pop culture, the music scene and his own dubious popularity. In the second clip, he discusses musical interests, critics, and former ‘Mothers’ drummer, Jimmy Carl Black. The third clip is a spicy stew of The Mothers of Invention and The Firesign Theater. Unavailable since it’s broadcast on the Radio Lab in 1974.

11 Responses to “Lost KBOO Airtapes – Frank Zappa Interview”

  1. Plooker says:

    I never saw Frank, but I miss him.

  2. Plooker says:

    Thanks Urban, he was always a great interview.

  3. vince says:

    Early cheerleaders for The Residents, these guys were!

  4. urbangraffito says:

    A quote from Plooker:

    Thanks Urban, he was always a great interview.

    Does anyone else notice the parallels between early FM radio and the early days of the internet, before commercialism and business interests took precedence?

    And yes, Plooker, FZ seldom gave a bad interview — except perhaps only when his interviewer was an obvious ass (then they deserved his sardonic wit).

  5. Plooker says:

    We have a satellite radio now and I see what you mean, FM is unlistenable. Much more advertising and BS than music.

    Although some of those bad interviews are good too. My favorite is when he just walked away from Nina Blackwood in the middle of her talking to him, classic! I love the laser beam look of disgust in his eyes, but I guess he always kind of had that.

  6. Robert says: