The Tubes – Trouble Every Day

The Tubes cover Frank Zappa‘s “Trouble Every Day” at BB Kings, NYC, April 9th, 2008.

Roger Steen (Lead Guitar) takes on vocal duties (I suspect, while Fee Waybill is off stage during one of many costume stages) while Rick Anderson (Bass) are backed up by drummer Jonathan Mover (filling in for an absent Prairie Prince — and he definitely looks like he’s having a ball!). A great version of this classic Mothers of Invention tune.

Roger Steen is another truly underrated guitarist. Click here to find out what he’s currently up to with The Roger Steen Band, as well as links to some online songs and his interview with Ultimate Guitar.

Though, technically, no longer performing with The Tubes, original group founder, Bill Spooner has been keeping busy with his own project, The Folk-Ups. Click here to learn more.

Finally, let’s end off this post where it began, with Frank Zappa and band performing “Trouble Every Day” at KCET Sound Stage B on August 27, 1974.

7 Responses to “The Tubes – Trouble Every Day”

  1. PropellerKuh says:

    Yesss, very fine performed by The Tubes. But let’s stick to the truth: Their performance is not troubled, is like played from a note sheet, with writen parts when to sweat and where to solo etc. We have to seperate the fun we have to hear Zappa performed nowadays from the adequate overall-quality.
    But I’m not against covering or posting it at KUR. Fine that they cover Zappa, the more, the better. That’s how we can see how brilliant he permanently re-invented his work, where to he pushed the envelope and why he partly ultimately failed (as he himself admitted): Most of todays listeners (and listeneresses) use music as background tapestry to live, eat, fuck, shop, shit by and not really as essential input to considering their lives (like most other inputs btw. Otherwise the world wouldn’t be the world it is.

  2. Hugh says:

    UrbanG, you do love to sneak The Tubes in where ever you can. And having seen them a few times in the ’80s, I can understand why. Extremely talented musicians & a spectacular stage show are always a nice combo. Having said that, where is everybody? Okay I understand Fee’s squeeezing into some old worn leather and Prairie Prince is on hiatus (his replacement has quite a background). Spooners got a new gig. Is their keyboard player (not the dead guy) on vacation as well? The 7 train can get me to Times Square (BB Kings) in about 20 minutes, but is it still worth the trip? Probably. It just seems so stripped down right now.
    I hope Spooner & friends venture out to the east coast.

    A quote from PropellerKuh:

    Fine that they cover Zappa, the more, the better. That’s how we can see how brilliant he permanently re-invented his work, where to he pushed the envelope and why he partly ultimately failed (as he himself admitted)

    I’m not surprised that Frank would say he failed at something, I just don’t understand in your comment where Zappa felt he failed? Please clarify.
    If only I could only fail like Frank, I’d die a happy man!

    More trouble everyday! No shit!
    Would you like to see a scumbag get taken down.
    Enjoy John Stewart (comedy news tv show host) giving Jim Cramer (CNBC tv financial advisor) a well-deserved public tongue lashing.
    It runs about 20 minutes. Stick with it. This is incredible stuff!

  3. Roland says:

    It´s really nice to first see Ruthie Ruthie as soon as you start the FZ version of the song. I always liked her a lot and she still talks so sweet about her work with FZ.

    And it´s a bit like written above, The Tubes play it from a note sheet. Don´t get me wrong, I like The Tubes since I first listened to “Remote Control”. But when you listen to this (or other FZ versions of it), it´s played like it is absolute fun to play, without any struggle – especially with this lineup it sounds as if they are inventing all this while playing it.

    I always liked this KCET concert from 1974. There is a cheap DVD out here in the Fatherland (“Frank Zappa: A Token Of His Extreme”) not in the best picture and sound quality, but at least it´s stereo. When it was broadcast the first time on German TV in 1979/80 I recorded it with my Saba cassette player by microphone directly from the mono speaker of my TV set (yes that´s right and don´t touch that dial!).

  4. Harry Barris says:

    I have to agree with the thoughts above on ‘The Tubes’ version of Trouble… In my typically harsher negative critiques, i’ll have to add that (imo) is not The Tubes, just two guys from the band with a ham-fisted metal drummer who has no feel for the song.

    In reference to those who have seen a copy of A Token Of My Extreme, all i can say is “Why don’t you sharpen it then?” (!)

  5. PropellerKuh says: