FZ’s Music at Israel Festival in Jerusalem, 1997

Featuring: Ike Willis, Tommy Mars and Tom Fowler.
I’ve collected most of the videos (10 parts) here – nr. 7 is still missing. Have fun!

7 Responses to “FZ’s Music at Israel Festival in Jerusalem, 1997”

  1. Roland says:

    This is a real gem, Balint. Thank you for posting it. Joel Thome and The Shalom Orchestra with Willis, Mars and Fowler seemed to enjoy this concert. I like the sound & the play a lot.

  2. Hugh says:

    Excellent vids. I really enjoyed that, especially Ike’s guitar & vocals on Outside Now.
    Great To See Tommy & Tom, as well.
    Thanks Balint.

  3. Michael Pabst says:

    As always with Joel Thorme’s orchestra work and FZ’s music: total lack of rhythmic coordination (see Zappa’s Universe). Here the worst performance of the Black Page I’ve ever heard.

    And for my taste: cheesy string section overload everywhere.


  4. bernard says:

    Yes, Balint. Great post. Good to see that the most divese musicians keep playing that music. Yes, you just keep us all informed, FZ.hu.

    A suggestion? Pabst got it right. Although 20th century music was all about rythm ( as the 19th was about piano), there happened to be something wrong. Anothher example : just concentrate on Varèse. Last 22nd Dec happened to be his 125th birthday. Nobody noticed, not even the self declared geniuses from classical music, who adore anniversaries.

  5. Michael Pabst says:

    Thanks to Balint for posting anyway.

    On second viewing: Ike is delivering good vocals here (what he is not always on other occasions).

    Rule No. 1 for anyone performing music: If you can’t secure accurate performance you probably shouldn’t perform at all. Otherwise I would impute somebody is only in it for the money here.

    Most of the time the intonation of strings and brass is so bad it gives me a hard time to listen. Didn’t they rehearse?

    Most of FZ’s music doesn’t work if not performed accurately. This leads uninformed listeners to wrong impressions.


  6. Al Stone says:

    I also agree with Michael Pabst. They semm to be enjoying themselves but the general standard of playing doesn’t do the compositions justice. It just goes to show that music of this complexity shouldn’t be played without plenty of rehearsal time.

  7. Robert says:

    Although i always like to see FZs music being played by, well, anyone, this orchestra is uninspired and underrehearsed.

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