Jeff Beck feat. Imogen Heap, again

This one above is Rollin’ And Tumblin’, from the Jeff Beck album You Had It Coming. See the rest also:

Err… Sorry for the terrible look. Othervise you’ll love it. 🙂

7 Responses to “Jeff Beck feat. Imogen Heap, again”

  1. jane23 says:

    if you want to hear something REALLY ridiculous, try playing the beginning of “Dirty Mind” at the same time as “Go Tell it on the Mountain. If you synchronize them just right, it’s pretty funny.

  2. bernard says:

    This morning the EIFTBOUBOTC Board gathered. One subject on the agenda/ Balint & .. Jeff Beck.
    Barry wasn’t there as he was taking care of his first child, absolutely unaware of the fact thet 4 other babies will follow. And Urban , he was sleeping ( the guy seems to need 7 hours a day for that, overlooking the FZ iron discipline).
    – 1/2 of the world famous board said: overlook B., as he’s listening to truly awful JB music. An absolute debutant. Worth = nothing.
    – 1/2 said: he’s asking zornography if they’re ready to publish the Book of Angels. However he doesn’t know anything about O. Messiaen.
    So I told my wife, who’s in charge of drafting the draft minutes of these meetings: just summarize it in two words: laisse courir. Meaning : he’ll succeed

  3. xorg says:

    It’s official. Bernard is off his rocker.

  4. jane25 says:

    sounds great !!!!!!!!!!!! jeffy jeffy

  5. jane23 says:

    Wow the janes are increasing, we’re up to #25.
    Including jane24 that makes three of us.

  6. jane23 says:

    ok, four of us.
    i was looking at youtube and saw zappa concert 72 penguin.
    and, one of the comments was this: MSG ME ON MSN MESSENGR !!! ID IS jane21dame T
    we really need to find jane22, eh?

  7. jonnybutter says:

    Thanks for the Jeff Beck/IH track.

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