1973-06-26 Sydney, Rehearsal

Frank Zappa and the Mothers┬árehearsing for a show in Sydney, Australia in 1973. Wow!… (Via FZ In Hungary.)

7 Responses to “1973-06-26 Sydney, Rehearsal”

  1. Jeroen says:

    Wowie zowie, loved the way George came into Fifty Fifty, seriously funky.

  2. jane23 says:

    That was wonderful.

  3. Burning Dervish says:

    fuckin hell. thanks so much

  4. mild mannered moggio says:

    Schweeeet ! ! ! !

    Needs more cowbell, tho.

  5. Hugh says:

    [quote comment=”3366″]Schweeeet ! ! ! !

    Needs more cowbell, tho.[/quote]

    My older brother used to catch Frank during this period . . .
    . . . damn him and his old age!

  6. jonnybutter says:

    Wow indeed! What an awesome band. And what a great piece. If you listen only to the released version of this song (‘Cucamonga’), you could easily mistake it for just some quirky little ditty. As is so often the case with Frank’s music….

    The sound’s better on this than the boot from Copenhagen, which I appreciated.

    thanks Balint!

  7. Freki says:

    fifty fifty! funkin’ A! Montana! Awsome
    top grade stuff!!!!

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