Imogen Heap, Jeff Beck, Vinnie Colaiuta, 2007

Did I mention I simply love Imogen Heap? (Unfortunately deleted from here)

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  1. Clenn says:

    I was watching “Nadia/Space Boogie” by Jeff Beck on Youtube last night.. somehow I missed Imogen Heap (*whistles*).

  2. Disciple of "Bob" says:

    I propose that we continue this apparent trend towards young, cute girls playing bass very skillfully. First Julie Slick, now Tal Wilkenfield.

    They keep getting younger, though. Next we’ll probably see a 13 year old playing “Teen Town” by Weather Report…

  3. jane23 says:

    jeff beck is t he most overlooked and underrated guitarist ever.
    yet, he has done so much and always sound fantastic.

  4. jane23 says:

    imogen heap has a really nice voice.

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Absolutely wonderful, Balint. Thanks for posting this video. It reaffirms my faith that not all music is being reduced to it’s lowest common denominator: money. An excellent collaboration. Imogen Heap, Vinnie Colaiuta, and especially, Jeff Beck, were in top form. The audience was present for something quite unique that night.

  6. jane23 says:

    when i first saw imogen heap on this site several months ago i thought she was interesting.
    i have since immersed myself in her music and believe that she is quite amazing.
    RIP JCB.

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