FZ Drummers Roundtable

“It’s been a dream of mine to get my favorite Zappa drummers together and have us talk about our experiences.” – Terry Bozzio is joined by fellow former Zappa drummers, Chester Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Chad Wackerman, and Ruth Underwood in this first episode of seven videos.

(Thanks Pierre!)

16 Responses to “FZ Drummers Roundtable”

  1. Balint says:

    Thank you! Beautiful! Just watching it right now – really valuable material, really nice! 😀

  2. Paul says:

    Great watch, looking forward to the rest…

  3. Jamez says:


  4. Harmless Ted says:

    OMG! This is fantastic! Where are the other six episodes?

  5. P. C. says:


  6. Birdman! says:

    How great is this!? It’s very interesting to hear Ruth dish on the impression Mahavishnu Orchestra must have made on Zappa – can’t wait to see what Chester has to say. Bozzio has a sensible haircut!

  7. mild mannered moggio says:

    w0w ! ! !

    THANK YOU for this, it is like candy to my ears…can’t wait for the other episodes.

  8. Harry Barris says:

    I’m just glad everybody got the “Please wear black” memo!

    (So far we’ve learned about Ruth’s crush on Johnny McLaughlin–that’s about it..)

  9. Alex says:

    I thought that was pretty good, I just wish the whole thing was up at once instead of having 7 different parts.

  10. Chris says:

    This is great stuff, but I would have loved to see Vinnie Colaiuta (my favorite Zappa drummer) and Ed Mann both be a part of this as well. Did they mention if other drummers would be added to the later installments? I didn’t get a chance to watch this whole video…I’m late for work!

  11. Harry Barris says:

    Ralph Humphrey and Hot Tuna’s Jack Cassady–separated at birth?

  12. Eric Slick says:

    i think i just barfed from excitement

    eric slick

  13. Magic Fingers says:

    Excellent stuff….particularly as Mahavishnu were hugely important way back then in my own musical education. As a listener, I hasten to add, not a player. If I may add my own anecdote (well, I’m going to anyway), I remember McLoughlin used to ask for a silence before the show started, and, I kid you not, you could have heard a pin drop……not a sound from an audience of maybe 1500 people. That was as impressive as Ruth’s comments about being almost physically blown back by the force of the volume.

  14. Jamez says:

    Here’s a factoid on Chester Thompson:

    Phil Collins apprently picked him to be Genesis’ live drummer from ’77 onwards ‘cos he heard the double-drum intro to ‘More Trouble Every Day’ from ‘Roxy and Elsewhere’.

  15. Disciple of "Bob" says:

    The video doesn’t appear to be at that site any more 🙁

  16. Balint says:

    The video is back, though with some technical problems…

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