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Mystery Zappa Album Poster

9illustrations wants to know:

The original uploader Farbror Sid is not sure what Zappa album this poster, by Dave McMacken, came with. Anybody? I’ve been looking around on the web for a while and I can’t find this poster or any references to it. Maybe it’s very rare in real life too. I seems it’s a Mothers (of Invention?) jubilee and I’m counting six candles.

Here’s the poster in question (click to enlarge see the full poster):

Zappa poster - click for full image

Heh, well I was about to ask you guys, but one visit to the wiki identified the above as… a 1974 Christmas card. All hail The Mighty Wiki! The folding creases in the image however do suggest that this illustration was also printed in a poster format… and possibly shipped with an album?

Warren Zevon Field Recordings — Internet Archive

On April 7, 2005, the Internet Archive website received permission from Jordan Zevon for live Warren Zevon shows to be hosted at the Live Music Archive, allowing the free exchange of unreleased live Warren Zevon material from their website.

Jordan also wrote at

To any and all at Please allow our members to trade thier live recordings on your site….

As long as there is no charge for exchanging these files, we support trading unreleased live material.

Jordan Zevon

Available on these live concerts are many excellent blues covers, covers of other notable California singer-songwriters songs, jazz standards, unreleased original material, as well as unique versions of other well known Warren Zevon songs from his turbulent career.

from Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK, 25 January 1988, “Sentimental Hygiene”:


from The Shadow, Kansas City, MO, 20 November 1990, “Stop Breaking Down” and “One Woman Man”:

[audio:] [audio:]

from Raul’s Roadside Attraction, Portland, ME, 30 November 1988, “Travelin’ Riverside Blues” and “Trouble”:

[audio:] [audio:]

from The Warehouse, Rochester, NY, 26 November 1988, “Drop Down Mama”:


from Unknown Venue, Atlanta, Georgia, 15 Jun 1993, “Renegade”:


At present, there are 74 live Warren Zevon shows in the archive from which to choose, ranging from radio broadcasts, from which rare bootlegs such as ‘The Offender Meets the Pretender’ (with Jackson Browne) first originated, audience tapes, and soundboard tapes. The Live Music Archive currently has 53,712 concert recordings from 3,113 independent artists, as well as more established artists and musical ensembles with permissive rules about recording their concerts such as the Grateful Dead, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Ween.

George Duke Interview @ Wolfgang’s Vault

By the time this interview was recorded in 1978, Duke had recorded and toured with Jean-Luc Ponty, Frank Zappa, Cannonball Adderly, Stanley Clarke, and Billy Cobham — covering jazz, rock, and everything on the spectrum in between before heading in a more straightforward funk direction with 1977’s Reach For It and its 1978 follow-up Don’t Let Go. Duke openly admits in this interview of trying to avoid being pigeonholed in any specific genre, and has a lot to say about the state of music in the late 1970s. Indeed, his views are as relevant today as when they were first recorded.

Click here to hear the whole interview.


‘Whatever happened to Shuggie Otis?’ is the only unanswered question in this interview. As you know, Shuggie Otis played Bass on Frank Zappa’s song “Peaches En Regalia”, from his “Hot Rats” Album.


In remembrance of Jacques Brel, who passed away 30 years ago.

More clips.


Cue dueling banjos! (via)

George Duke at Wolfgang’s Vault

Recorded for the King Biscuit Flower Hour, Live at the Bottom Line (New York, NY) April 21, 1977, when George Duke was promoting his first Epic solo album, Reach For It, this show incorporated female vocalists, and had a decidedly high energy, Latin-funk groove. Unfortunately, most of the songs are incomplete as they were pulled from a series of outtake reels for the radio show; still the concert is well worth the listen.

Click here to hear the entire show.

The George Duke Band:

George Duke – keyboards, vocals
Manolo Badrena – percussion, bongos, conga
Leon “Ndugu” Chancler – drums, timbales
Dee Henrichs – vocals
Charles “Icarus” Johnson – guitar, vocals
Byron Miller – bass, keyboards
Deborah Thomas – vocals
Sybil Thomas – vocals

“Smash-Flop” Return: Zappa’s Grubby Chamber!

Our pal Kevin Hoover once again hits the airwaves on Friday with his Zappa infused radio show “Zappa’s Grubby Chamber”:

Apart from the Frank musicks, I have a few other special moments planned, and they mainly consist of non-Frank items that I know in my heart will appeal to Zappa fans. This is Radio Without The Rules, y’know. Besides, what’re they gonna do, fire me?

Talking points (hah!) will be Russ Stedman, Ween’s newest release, La Cucaracha, as well as an “extracurricular” interview with Bryan Beller, whom we know of Beer For Dolphins and Mike Keneally fame. Be sure to tune in at 104.3/104.7 FM, or online at this Friday at 10 PM local time.

Dim Lights Thick Smoke Promotions interviews Mike Keneally

In this two part audio interview, DLTSP chats with Mike Keneally about his early influences, his love of progressive music, learning to play the entire Gentle Giant catalogue, Drop Control, joining Frank Zappa’s band, the realities of being in Frank Zappa’s band, DethKlok, the power of performing live, his current release “Wine and Pickles”, Radio Keneally and more.

Part 1, Part 2.

Olbermann Grills Palin

Oh how I love the smell of vitriol in the morning:

GZ: “No matter what I do/release you hate it.”

Last Saturday, in a topic related to Joe’s Menage, Gail Zappa posted the following in this forum thread:

Ok. So the simple truth is that I have been trying to figure out how to respond to the meanies that infest this Forum. But I am at a loss. No matter what I do/release you hate it. Go hate somewhere else please. And kindly do it usefully – without messing up your neighbor’s thrill. The way you “use” your brains is just another fine example of the reason why democracy is being stifled by things called choices like Sarah Palin. Ahhh, but yes, there is something I do want to say: 1. I will NEVER make a Frank Zappa record. You will not see any continuation of YCDTOSA or anything approximating any other Master Recording by FZ – as though it is something he would have made – as if you have any right to think I would respect you for being anywhere near having that opinion. I do not dream through the night of holding anything near you near me. 2. To suggest you read liner notes is redundant. 3. Much as I might – no, nevermind – FZ told me long ago to NOT waste any energy on people who don’t get it so, you don’t get to know anything more about what I might want to say here. I love my tongue so much I am going to be the only one who gets to hold it.

Well I for one never said I hated everything she’s released in the last years. There’s no Zappa music one can “hate” as far as I’m concerned. There are merely variable degrees of “excellent” to “good” to “not so good” — which are relative terms to begin with, when speaking about Zappa music.

As for the overall tone of the above comment, I dunno: is she saying that to criticize an FZ release is proof that one is prone to voting for Sarah Palin?

What say ye?