What happens when a life-long “Zappa Freak” decides to “Freak Out”? Huh? And what if said “Zappa Freak” was both a writer, a micro-press publisher, and had access to a state-of-the-art computer as well as desktop publishing software? And what if said “Zappa Freak” had procreated, and his son not only shared his love of all things Zappa, yet was a micro-publisher, too? I think the answers to these questions, and more, are to be found inside the following zines:

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Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Stockport For Jimmy

We didn’t know about this until now: apparently there’s a benefit concert for JCB taking place before the one advertised in the banner above on Nov 9th.
This just in from El Bastardo Idiota:

Just a reminder that the first of two UK benefit gigs for Jimmy Carl Black takes place tomorrow:

“Stockport for Jimmy – Indian Aid”
Sunday 26th October 2008, 4-8pm
Bakers Vaults, on the Market in Stockport featuring The Muffin Men, Keith Wilson and The Methylated Spiritualists, and Stockport’s finest The Casualties, there will be a prize raffle and some other loony stuff.


Lumpy Money

Billboard.com reporting:

The Zappa Family Trust will kick off a comprehensive campaign to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the late Frank Zappa’s albums next month. “Lumpy Money,” a three-CD “audio documentary” due out Nov. 25, is the first offering in the series — and, according to Zappa’s widow Gail, the most unique.

“These two records happen to be Frank’s masterworks,” Zappa tells Billboard.com, “so this is the most ambitious of all the (40th anniversary) projects. The challenge is how to educate the audience to understand what ‘Lumpy Gravy’ and ‘We’re Only in It for the Money’ are, and what they’re part of.

Um… okay…

Read all about Lumpy Money here.
Update: related Vanity Fair interview with GZ

Ivo Niehe Meets Frank Zappa (’91)

Ivo Niehe met with FZ back in ’91 for his TV-show which, in veritable Dutch-like “why-be-humble” tradition, was entitled “The TV Show”. Credit to Balint’s zappa.hu for fishing this one out of the YouTube pond! Enjoy the next fifteen minutes of your life:

Part two:

“It Happen(e)d Here”

This just in:

The Arf-Society will release a limited edition two-CD set of the legendary Grandmothers reunion concert from 28 July 2002. The price is just 15 Euros, with all proceeds going towards helping Jimmy Carl Black pay his medical bills. Pre-order now from press@arf-society.de to ensure you get your copy of this special set in time for Christmas. The album features Don Preston, Roy Estrada, Bob Harris, Jimmy Carl Black, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Bunk Gardner, André Cholmondeley and Glenn Leonard.

JCB - It Happend Here


  1. You’re Probably Wondering Why I’m Here
  2. Lonely Little Girl
  3. Motherly Love
  4. The Duke Of Prunes
  5. Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
  6. Son Of Orange County
  7. More Trouble Every Day
  8. Flower Bunk
  9. The Idiot Bastard Son
  10. Village Of The Sun
  11. Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
  12. In The Sky
  13. Silicone Hump
  14. Holiday In Berlin
  15. Big Leg Emma
  16. Lonesome Cowboy Burt
  17. The Eternal Question
  18. How Could I Be Such A Fool
  19. I Ain’t Got No Heart
  20. I’m Not Satisfied
  21. Wowie Zowie
  22. It Can’t Happen Here
  23. Honorary Membership
  24. Love Of My Life
  25. Soft-Cell Conclusion

Is that a sweet playlist or what? I’m off to order my copy! Yourself?