Today’s Brainfart: SanDisk Introduces SlotMusic

Proof that the music industry will never get it: in the latest attempt to shore up sales of music on physical media, SanDisk Corp. and the four major music companies plan to announce Monday a new format called slotMusic.

Each unit is to contain an album, plus extras, on a compact memory card that can be played on mobile phones, PCs and some portable MP3 players. The cards are inserted into vacant slots on phones and other devices.

Indeed: why on earth would I buy music from iTunes right out of my home while sipping a nice chilled Grimbergen, when instead I can:

  • Go to Wal-Mart
  • Buy said memory card
  • Drive back home
  • Plug the card into my computer
  • Search for 15 minutes to find the drive’s icon
  • Copy the mp3’s to my hard disk
  • Import in iTunes
  • Hit play

This is going to be huge, oh yes!

10 Responses to “Today’s Brainfart: SanDisk Introduces SlotMusic”

  1. tombo says:

    Question: why would I want to _own_ music anyway? Apart from collectible items, of course.

    I just want to listen to the music … I don’t need to own it … just like in cars …

  2. Sharleena says:

    Oooh..! I want to go to Wal-Mart too..!!

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    A quote from Sharleena:

    Oooh..! I want to go to Wal-Mart too..!!

    For shoes though, not SanDisk physical media, I gather?

  4. homer says:


  5. homer's brain says:

    must get more Grimbergen

  6. Paul Sempschi says:

    ladies and gentleman, 8-track for the millenium!

  7. Hans says: