Joe’s Garage Close To Premiere

LA Weekly has a rather lengthy article dedicated to the upcoming Joe’s Garage Musical, including a small image gallery. Anyone in the LA area going to see this?

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  1. xorg says:

    An ambitious project but however it turns out, I guess FZ would just be pleased that his work is being performed. Clearly Gail’s approval was influenced by the producer having given her daughter a job but that’s life!

    It’s interesting to note the contradictions in FZ’s outlook. He always claimed that the music is what counts (and I agree with him) but then he wrote a number of pieces that rely heavily on the storyline and dialogue: Billy the Mountain; Greggary Peccary; Thingfish; Titties n Beer and so forth. And now Gail is perpetuating this contradiction by sanctioning Joe’s Garage but prohibiting bands who want to play the music!

    I disagree fundamentally with Gail’s notion that FZ’s music (or anybody else’s) should be kept ‘unfiltered’. Music is organic and is kept alive by musicians re-interpreting it – one classic example is Miles Davis’ and Gil Evans’ version of Porgy & Bess in which, by the way, the words and dialogue are left out completely. Moreover, FZ himself recycled not only his own stuff but other composers’ too.

    Whatever, I wish the Joe’s Garge production success. As I live nearly 9,000 km from Los Angeles I won’t be going to the show!

  2. Rob says:

    I’m a half-continent away myself, but would love to see it. I doubt there’ll be a touring company, so I guess I’ll have to wait for 45 second clips on You Tube…I still say it would make a great movie!

  3. Kevin Hoover says:

    The very thought makes me crave dope or LSD or a coupla quarts of beer.. or Finnish champagne.

  4. mohammad says:


    you said the truth!

    “Music is organic and is kept alive by musicians re-interpreting”


  5. urbangraffito says: