George Duke: Feel

George Duke‘s 1974 album “Feel” is to be rereleased on September 23. As you may know, the album had Zappa playing on it. Always good to see out of print gems like this one pop up again.

Hat tip: John Westbrook

8 Responses to “George Duke: Feel”

  1. Balint says:

    It’s strange to my why an already published album has to be re-released?… No one though it to be a good idea to make a CD of it? It would be so simple – or is it because of some copyright reasons?

  2. moggio's moldy Oreos says:

    More info on the album:

  3. Sterbus says:

    please don’t sue me, I work in a fast-food…

  4. Rob says:

    Thanx Sterbus! Very tasty in A Steely Dan-ish kinda way…

  5. Sterbus says:

    That’s one of the songs with Him soloing…

  6. Klaus says:

    Eine echte bereicherung für Jeden Jazz – Liebhaber. Zappa spielte unter einem Synonüm ein Solo im “ten Stück. Sehr empfelenswert

  7. Klaus says:

    Ich arbeite noch an meiner Rechtschribung,

  8. Roland says:

    [quote comment=”2247″]It’s strange to my why an already published album has to be re-released[/quote]

    My Soul – The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings (a 4 CD Box-Set) was released recently including “Feel”, so I agree Balint, it´s hard to understand. Probably for those you want to own just this one album.

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