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Eighties cult show Mystery Science Theater 3000, which had among its fans one Frank Zappa, has all its episodes available for download here in .avi format. (via)

Announcement about the Zappa Plays Zappa Fall Tour

• Hand-picked intimate venues;
• Every attendee will be able to get a free MP3 concert download
within a week of performance;
• Hagstrom guitar giveaway at every show;
• Submit your song requests for each show.

Well, sounds good, if you ask me…

Voodoo Child

When Tallan “T-Man” Latz was 5, he saw Joe Satriani playing guitar on TV. “I turned around to my dad and said, ‘That’s exactly what I want to do.'” Three years and countless hours of practicing later, 8-year-old Tallan is a blues guitar prodigy. He’s played in bars and clubs, including the House of Blues in Chicago, and even jammed with Les Paul and Jackson Browne. He has a summer of festivals scheduled and has drawn interest from venues worldwide.

The kid’s a genius. Awesome.

(Hat tip: SOFA!)

Interview With Jimmy Carl Black

A few months back Just a week ago, Andrew Greenaway did an interview with Jimmy Carl Black. Despite health problems, Jimmy’s in good spirits, performing with The Muffin Men and recording with various other artists across Europe. Just one project he’s worked on:

The CD is called The Jimmy Carl Black Story. It is due out anytime. I basically went into the studio one night and told my life story. It took me about one and a half hours to do it. He [Jon Larsen – ed.] then used some blues players from Oslo and also some of the guys from the Strange News CD for the background music.

Jimmy won’t make it to Zappanale this year, but has already set his mind on next year’s edition. Which is cool, since Sharl and I won’t be able to make it there either this year, for reasons that we may well expound upon at a later date. Read the whole article here.

Re-burnt Weeny Sandwich

Fraz Knapp came up with a wizard wheeze to follow-up the unqualified success that was the 20 Extraordinary Renditions CD. And Cordelia Records is happy to do the biznis again. So I’m now liaising with 20 artists, asking them to condense the whole of the Burnt Weeny Sandwich album into a 3-5 minute piece – with as much artistic licence as they want. They don’t have to use a bit from every song, but at least something from their fave bits of this wondrous album. Once done, a knob twiddler will concoct a remix of extracts from the 20 resultant pieces to create a whole new 21st interpretation of the BWS album.

From the news section of The Idiot Bastard.

New Allman Brothers Band @ Wolfgangs

The Allman Brothers Band’s August 6th, 1972 show at the Hollywood Bowl is now available for streaming from Wolfgang’s Vault. While the show only has three tracks — “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed”, “Whipping Post” (16 min), and “Johnny B. Goode” (w/ Guest: Johnny Winter on guitar and vocals) — it’s well worth the listen. One of the greatest jam bands, ever. Click here to listen for yourself.

Idiot Proof?

Simply click on the square to begin.

Joe’s Garage: The Musical

I for one would love to see this:

The Open Fist Theatre Company in California will present the world premiere of Joe’s Garage, a new stage production based on the Frank Zappa album of the same name. Directed by Pat Towne, the production will begin previews at the Open Fist Theatre Sept. 18 with an official opening Sept. 26. The limited engagement will run through Nov. 22.

Joe’s Garage to Make World Premiere in September

Zen Through Zappa

I’m shamefully late in reporting this, however our pal Kevin Hoover writes:

Guess what? There’s a new Zappa show on KHUM debuting Friday night, and I have an introductory post about it on the Crush All Boxes blog. Let’s all get behind Mark Scatchard as he launches Zen of Zappa!

Tune in next Friday, why don’t you!

Eight ’88 Ways To Cruise For Burgers

One of my favourite FZ tracks has to be Cruising For Burgers — the ZINY version that is. Back in ’06, he who goes by the name of Magic Fingers had delighted me with a CD consisting of unofficial ’88-tour CFB Variations for my birthday — the best one ever as birthday parties go, I should add. Bliss.

Fast forward to the present: along comes Muxtape. Urban’s been at it, so has Balint — who am I not to follow suit?

Presenting Eight ’88 Ways To Cruise For Burgers. Disclaimer: the tracks offered are not downloadable, and have been in tape circulation for years. Enjoy them, and then buy The Real Thing™ — as if you hadn’t already…