’56 Fender Stratocaster

For sale on eBay, opening bid US $34,995.00: the guitar that “influenced a teen Frank Zappa to move away from drums & vibes to guitar!!!”

Used and played by Wally in the Blackouts (Frank Zappa’s 1st high school band) this rare ‘1956’ Fender Strat was used regularly by Wally & members including Frank to play thru “The Blackouts” shows and “The Omen” band before Frank Zappa started “The Mothers” & “The Mothers of Invention”.


(Hat tip: Tim Haines)

15 Responses to “’56 Fender Stratocaster”

  1. Harmless Ted says:

    $ 35.000,00 for a guitar? They must be joking!

  2. dwiva says:

    hey, i’ll sell ya a potholder for a lot less than that.

  3. jane23 says:

    $35,000 is nothing in comparison to the $1,000,000 Dweezil wanted for the zappa/hendrix strat.

  4. urbangraffito says:

    A quote from jane23:

    $35,000 is nothing in comparison to the $1,000,000 Dweezil wanted for the zappa/hendrix strat.

    As Warren Zevon once said, “Value is to the collector!” But really, who would pay that sort of cash for an old used guitar? Even the zappa/hendrix strat was a piece of junk left underneath the stairs too long and had to be bastardized with parts from other guitars to even be played. That Dweezil asked for, and received, 1 million for such a dubious instrument shows that people will pay for just about anything. The joke really is on us. What’s next? Terry Bozzio’s drumsticks? Dale Bozzio’s bra’s? Gail Sloatman’s high school diploma (did she even graduate)? Don Van Vliet’s soprano sax? Roy Estrada’s bass strings from 1967? Frank’s handwritten lyrics to “Eddie Are You Kidding?”

    Eddie, Are You Kidding?

  5. Marky Mark says:

    Why do you suck so much cock?

  6. Harmless Ted says: