No Brains Please, We’re The Police

I’ll keep it short:

A Federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by a man who was barred from the New London police force because he scored too high on an intelligence test.

Who Are The Brain Police, indeed.

3 Responses to “No Brains Please, We’re The Police”

  1. bernard says:

    Wrong. That’s about the past.

    There’s nothing wrong about combatting – for instance )- crime.
    The people working in the federal police offices over here
    – are all graduates & well mannered
    – get quite a lot of vocational training, life long learning.

    They have to be very smart as they have to :
    – serve the common cause
    – compete with the justice dpt.
    And it’s not about shooting. It’s about convincing, imposing things in a clever way.

    Brain Police was about short sighted ( commercial ) systems imposing a way of ” thinking”.

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    [quote comment=”1392″]Wrong. That’s about the past.
    Wrong. I’ll play with words whenever and however it bloody well suits me bernard. And by the way, I would love it if you would stop lecturing the rest of us mere mortals. Seriously.

  3. bernard says:

    I just try to discover the world the other way around, the humble way. I’m getting stunned. By listening to it. And no, it’s not that weird as you think it is.

    It’s not about lecturing. Lecturing , that’s the haughty way. Self declared intellectuals quoting each other.

    This case: the Be police forces. They’re not making that much noice, sounds. You simlpy don’thear them. However they’re extremely good in – amongst others- combatting child prostitution. Just contact those guys.

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