Dear ZFT…

Need anything more be said? Tip of the hat to Birdman! Chirp, chirp.

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  1. OhTay says:

    I am a myspace user, and have FZ as a ‘friend’. I have just used the bulletin feature to post the below message. If you agree, please send a friend request with an enclosed message that just says KUR, I think maybe I can get through. My URL:
    Here’s my bulletin:
    Gail Zappa Loves Censorship

    This is in response to the fact that the forums at zappa dot com have been rendered useless. I find this absolutely hilarious, since this has all to do with Gail, or should I call her Adelaide, not wanting to hear the backlash of fans that don’t support her recent decisions. What are these decisions, you might ask? Well, the overwhelming example is the fact that she has begun suing blogs and personal websites of fans of Frank, as well as festivals that Frank endorsed while alive, and just basically crapping on Ike Willis after Frank told him to keep the music alive.

    You see, the forums at zappa dot com were the avenue that fans could take to possibly get a word into the family, and whether that word is kind or not shouldn’t matter, since Frank stood for FREE SPEECH NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!! For Adelaide to shut down the forums means she doesn’t at all believe or endorse what her own husband was about. Gail has crapped on the First Amendment, and expects us to just take it.

    Well, not me, friends. In keeping with Frank’s vision and policies/politics, I now encourage all of you to write the ZFT. If you are interested in where to send your well-thought out, carefully worded, non-hate filled message, please respond and I will give the pertinent information.

    Remember, this is NOT some hate campaign, it is simply the voice of the fans being heard.

    In reality, I would like to assemble a letter, that we could all sign, to send to the family. We should collaborate with each other to use the best possible language and dialogue, wording and so forth. NO HATE!! Just honesty from fans. Hey, maybe she’ll sue us for sending her an unsolicited letter! To which we would counter-sue on the grounds of open and fair dialogue.

    If you are as much of a fan of Frank as I am, please take a moment to, if nothing else, send a message of disappointment to the Zappa Myspace page.

    http://www. myspace. com/frankzappa

    Frank stood for free speech, and so should we.
    Barry, great respect for what you did and are doing. I fully support you over ZFT. I hope we can change this foolishness.

  2. Balint says: