New Live FZ DVD: The Torture Never Stops

Well, apparently today is Zappa-news day. A new DVD, hot off the press at Barfko Swill: FZ: The Torture Never Stops. As per the blurb:

  • $21.98
  • Halloween, New York City, 1981 – Live at The Palladium
  • edited, performed & music composed & conducted by FZ
  • with Ray White, Steve Vai, Bobby Martin, Tommy Mars,Ed Mann, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman
  • 2 hours with xtras – ratta tat too!
  • DVD 9 Dual Layer, NTSC, American English, Dolby Digital 2.0

This appears to be a fully captured version of the Halloween ’81 show, perhaps most famous for this rendition of “Stevie’s Spanking”, as previously featured in the Dub Room Special DVD. (See Also)

Visuals? Yup:

The Torture Never Stops DVD

Have to admit I for one didn’t see that one coming. Whatever happened to frost on pumpkins and such?


38 Responses to “New Live FZ DVD: The Torture Never Stops”

  1. Rob says:

    Funny how some releases such as this and Buffalo appear out of nowhere, while One Shot Deal and others are just hinted at. A bi-polar marketing plan? Meanwhile, once upon a time, ROXY was announced…

  2. urbangraffito says:

    Given that this concert (known as “The Big One”) was three hours long to begin with, I wonder what was left out…Still, two hours of FZ and band: that’s nothing to bark at.

  3. Weirdomusic says:

    Nice surprise. I have fond memories of watching this one at a big screen at one of the Zappa-days in Eindhoven, the Netherlands…. way back when…

  4. Balint says:

    Urb: this dvd is complied of two shows from that day – details here. There is a setlist there called “The Torture Never Stops” – so this compilation might be that one.
    To me this would be the perfect setlist from those two shows:

    Black Napkins
    Bamboozled By Love
    Drowning Witch
    What’s New In Baltimore?
    We’re Turning Again
    Alien Orifice
    Sinister Footwear
    Black Page #2
    The Torture Never Stops
    The Illinois Enema Bandit
    King Kong
    Yo Mama
    City Of Tiny Lights
    Strictly Genteel
    Whippin’ Post

  5. Paul Sempschi says:

    Well according to the flash show on the site, there’ll be Black Napkins and Torture… perhaps someone’ll be willing to procure a copy and send out copies to those who send him blank DVD’s and postage…

  6. Rob says:

    Shame on you! if I can shell out $27.43, so can you.

  7. Empire Hancock says:

    One has to wonder if this is just going to end up in retail outlets for a cheaper price like the ZPZ DVD did (for fuck’s sake, I got the 2-DVD + 3-CD set for THIRTY DOLLARS a few days ago)… wasn’t the Wazoo cd also announced to be getting a wider, non-mailorder release at a cheaper price? I guess it’s kind of pointless for me to wonder now, as I’ve already ordered it, but still.

    This will certainly be an improvement over the program I have on two VCDs, though I feel a slight twinge of disappoint in the fact(s) that 1) there appears to be no audio option other than 2-channel stereo for this DVD and 2) FZ’s guitar is still going to have that fucking flanger all over it.

  8. Chuck says:

    Well I can’t say I feel like forking over any money to the ZFT at the moment…. especially for something that has been out in this form for a while in traders circles.

    I understand why they would release how FZ assembled it as it is actual FZ product then… but he was limited by the restraints of his times in what he could release and how vs the returns he felt he would get for it.

    If they had remixed it in 5.1 nicely and included some of the more FZ as composer (which is what Sloatman seems to really be trying make his legacy as) such as the Envelopes, Drowning Witch, What’s New In Baltimore?, Moggio medley then it would have been a very tasty release.

    I assume it was an easy release to get out cheaply and make some money from. Fair enough, but not enough to make it attractive. Can only hope it funds something other than ZPZ.

  9. Matt says:

    This looks really cool, but I wish the Roxy performances were the number one priority at ZFT.
    I could wait, and then pay for this–
    The Entire Roxy Concert with Absolutely No Sections Omitted.
    (wouldnt it be something?)
    I was born too late to ever have had a chance to see The FZ in concert. ZFT should put out a true expirience Zappa concert film, with none of the claymation segments or interviews cut in. Dont get me wrong, that stuff is phenomenal too, but the music on the stage is good enough to hold up without any other gimmicks.

  10. Birdman! says:

    I’m definitely going to hold off on this one, at least until I see a track list. I’ve seen a videotape (not “Dub Room Special”) of this show, and it did not include the most interesting tracks – Drowning Witch and most of the instrumentals. The link in Balint’s post coresponds to what I remember about the videotape. Lots of YAWYI stuff and NO TEENAGE PROSTITUTE, dammit!

  11. Rael says:

    What bothers me is that the Dub Room DVD liner notes promised multi-channel mixes of this and the KCET studios 1974 performance. Is this another taste of this show before we get a proper release, or are they planning to scrap any future 5.1 mix of this entire show?
    The lack of a set list also bothers me. I mean come on, let us know what we’re paying for!

  12. moggio's moldy Oreos says:

    I can’t fathom why Goatman thinks not giving the setlist is a good idea? Is it because she really does hold contempt for us fans of her late husband? It really is pathetic, really. But, whatever….as always, some evil fan will feret out what the setlist is and “illegally” post it on an “illegal fan site”, thus doing the basic marketing for the Goatmans for them.

    Meanwhile, I’ll rent it from Netflix for about a couple bucks, and if I must own it, I’ll get it used.

    I hope it does have a balance of instrumentals and vocal songs…if they are going to cut up the concert, might as well showcase some other facets of his music, as was posted above.

  13. Jamez says:

    I want this DVD!

  14. Birdman! says:

    Regarding setlist, this has circulated on VHS as “The Torture Never Stops” since forever. Follow the link in Balint’s post for details. There are a number of different edits of this material, but here almost certainly is the one ZFT is releasing on DVD, with resplendent 2.0 audio. I’ll cut and paste it here:

    Just got me this DVD-R that comes with what seems to be a mix of the two shows.

    It’s 1h 56 minutes, the “Torture Never Stops” intro (exactly as the screencap from your site) [And exactly like the packaging on the ZFT release – Birdman!], and the following songlist:

    Black Napkins
    Easy Meat
    Beauty Know No Pain
    I’m A Beautiful Guy
    Charlie’s Enormous Mouth
    Fine Girl
    Teenage Wind
    Harder Than Your Husband
    Bamboozled By Love
    We’re Turning Again
    Alien Orifice
    Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
    You Are What You Is
    Mudd Club
    The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
    Dumb All Over
    Heavenly Bank Account
    Suicide Chump
    Jumbo Go Away
    Stevie’s Spanking
    The Torture Never Stops
    Strictly Genteel
    The Illinois Enema Bandit

    NOTE: No “Drowning Witch”, and missing most of the instrumentals (i.e. the interesting stuff). I don’t even like to listen to the YAWYI material, much less sit down and watch it. Opinions?

  15. Empire Hancock says:

    A quote from moggio’s moldy Oreos:

    I hope it does have a balance of instrumentals and vocal songs…if they are going to cut up the concert, might as well showcase some other facets of his music, as was posted above.

    Ah, “they” will surely be at it! Of course, by “they”, you must mean “FZ”, and by “are going to cut up the concert” you must mean “already edited together performances from two concerts on the same day and that is what will be on this DVD.”

    Of course, there will (supposedly) be “extras”, which I’m most curious to discover the nature of.

  16. Empire Hancock says: