King Of The Rickroll

I’m going to have to mention the name of Rick Astley now, but fear not: it’s for purely sociological reasons. You see, Mr Astley has been rickrolled:

Over the last year or so, Astley has watched with puzzled amazement as “Never Gonna Give You Up” has been mocked, celebrated, remixed and reprised, its original music video viewed millions of times on YouTube, all by a generation that could barely swallow its Gerber carrots when the song first topped the pop charts.

Here’s just one particularly puzzling example.

2 Responses to “King Of The Rickroll”

  1. Roscoe Bledsoe says:

    Watch that damn little puppet Yoda bust a move!!!!

    (Rickrolled you will be!)

  2. Jamez says:

    Who woulda thought Rick Astley would become world famous?

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