Grande Mothers


The Grande Mothers featuring Nappy Brock and Don Preston finished touring Britain last Thursday. Is it just me, or does Napoleon look a lot more relaxed here than he ever did during his two-year ZPZ stint?

More onstage pictures at Flickr

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  1. Bibiche says:

    This video is made by me on a cheapo trust photocamera at the Cambridge 03-09 concert! One warning though.. The sound is really crappy! But if you listen carefully you can hear that they play Frank Zappa’s San’s about the feeling.

  2. Burkhard says:

    Thanx Bibiche 🙂

  3. urbangraffito says:

    I just love these guys…ever since they released their first compilation record. I mean, who can’t dig Jimmy Carl Black’s “Trail of Tears” or Don Preston’s “We Don’t Feed No Livestock Here.”

    These musicians are deserving of some overdue respect, don’t you think so, Barry?

  4. Hugh says:

    Can’t wait for these guys to come across the pond!

  5. urbangraffito says:

    Go and pick up a Grandmothers (okay, it’s Grande Mothers now) album today. I suggest ‘A Mother Of An Anthology’. It’s a great compilation with 21 tracks (including the two mentioned above).

  6. Jamez says:

    Dammit, I missed this show!

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